Rare Deco Harder to Find?

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I landed on an exotic planet. The kind with the decorative egg lamp. I have searched high and low. Cannot find the one you can collect. Has something changed?


Not that I’m aware of. Sometimes I find it really hard to find em, especially the electric bugaloo trees. Actually the electric bugaloo trees and the egg things where the very last things I found in next if I recall. Much time spent searching planetside for them. One time myself and madhatter even combined forced to track some electric hexaloo trees down for him and it took nearly an hour :see_no_evil:


I was able to collect several of those egg-lamps last weekend. If anything, they seemed more prevalent than previous planets of that type of anomaly.


Guess it’s all down to the procedural overlord so. Forever at its merch. Curse you, Atlas and your crimson mockery!