New "glitch" items *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*

So in addition to Beyond adding new “rare” (now called malfunctioning) planet types, each rare planet type has a “glitch” item associated with it that you can pick up and place in your freighter/base as, seemingly, merely decoration.


Hmmm… any photos of one as an example?

Those collectibles were added with Visions

1 for each new exotic type they added, can place and pick up without a base


Huh, how did I miss that?

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They can be quite rare and are sometimes hard to pick without the A-visor [?]
Hex planets are the hardest ones to find. They really blend in.

(Also when you place them at your base you can alter their colours. I use them like lights) :wink:

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Here’s a pic of a ‘collection’ at a Lighthouse base.
Pic is from preBEYOND so I won’t post it in the screenshots thread. Gives you an idea of how you can use them. Not really spoiler as its old news but blurred it anyway in case you want to discover things for yourself…