Quicksilver synthesis companion

I just noticed that the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion is labeled with a symbol on the HUD and it is sort of driving me crazy but I’m not sure if it’s intended.
Has this always been there?

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I do believe it has always been there, yes. Odd thing however, is that it uses an icon for ‘pickups’ and this icon is called ‘PICKUP.FUEL’. There is actually an icon for ‘buildings’ called ‘BUILDING.SHOP’, which I would have expected to be used instead. Pretty much all ‘fuel’ icons use that same red background with the white ‘lightning’ symbol, although the shape may differ. Using this icon, in my opinion, does not make much sense for that matter. Maybe they do plan on changing it at some point.


If I remember rightly, it’s the same icon that’s used for planetary depots. Which don’t contain fuel, either.

But I suspect that in very early (pre-release) versions of the game, they were intended to.

If you look closely, there’s lots of stuff like that still around. Little details, that clearly reference an earlier version.