Question about Frigates

I’m wondering on the mechanics of frigate-upgrades within the game. It seems I’m getting conflicting reports from players, especially when I compare them with my own impressions:

(1) Can you purchase other than C class frigates? I’ve been scouting around and only find C class ones, even though people are reporting having B- and A- class frigates as well?

(2) Can you increase the class of a frigate? Can a C class become a B class after a certain number of successful missions?

Any takers on these questions??


You can get different frigates classes i have an s class 2 c and an a i believe the other question im not sure about i see a progress bar on them but not sure what its for

  1. YES! I have bought all the way to S class frigate though the higher the class the more expensive the price, an S class is 12-14 mil units.

  2. Also Yes! I have had a frigate go from being an A class to an S class.


Progress bar is for leveling up, every encounter on mission adds to it, and they can level up.


Do you happen to know if as they level up the frigates are capable of losing negative traits?

Their class is defined by how many positive traits they have and negative traits count as negatives…so a frigate with 4 positive traits is an A class but a frigate with 4 positive traits and a negative one is considered a B class as if it only had 3 positive traits. But since a frigate can only have a total of 5 traits, can negative ones be erased by a level-up to allow the ship to grow in class or are negative traits fixed and essentially cap the top class that frigate can be?

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Great news! Thanks for your help everyone!

I feel less bad now having purchased a bunch of C class frigates, knowing I can upgrade them to B class etc. Somehow I was afraid that you only upgrade STATS but not CLASS. Don’t ask me why :smiley:

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Has anyone figured out how to get rid of the thief on a frigate?


I had a strange bug with a frigate. I sent just one on a combat mission, but it was critically damage and I had to call it back. Well, I was in a planet’s atmosphere at the time, and the frigate warped back INTO THE PLANET. I couldn’t get to it at all. Traveling to different systems and calling my freighter didn’t solve the issue, and actually the marker showed the frigate as still being in that distant system.

Restarting the game solved it though. Just be careful calling back your damaged ships while near a planet!


Can you dismiss it? Unless it’s got some truly spectacular stats you can probably just let it go.

I had this issue with a freighter @Skychild Damn thing spawning inside a planet. Wrote a ticket to zendesk about it, seems like a rookie mistake on HG’s part…

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Well this is on my new save and it’s the only one I have. After closing the game and restarting, the frigate was back near my freighter.


Has the 1.60 update changed anything about new frigates purchases on PC?
Because since the update I haven’t seen not 1 for sale (hire).

Do you maybe have 30 frigates already? I’ve kept mine at 29 and I still have the option to buy in every system. Edit: Although I’m on ps4.

30! Oh​:flushed:! ok. I was under the impression we could have up to fifty frigates. That explains it … I guess i have to start dismissing those C classes. :confused:

Thank you for the response! :blush::+1:

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Don’t worry if you have a ton of C-class frigates. They will eventually upgrade to S-class ships after you send them out on enough missions. However, I find it useful to dismiss frigates with negative stats.


yeah, they’ll upgrade soon enough. I wouldn’t automatically discount frigates with negative attributes though. I bought a couple of b class that had negative traits but a high stat in their specialist field didn’t take long to get rid of those negatives and those are my highest powered s class now.

Edit maybe worth noting that a frigate seems to stop gaining stats after the counter hits 55 outings, I’d take that into account too when dismissing frigates