QP0: I'm rubbish at everything, especially the Dualshock Controller, so why do I have everything?

Yes I know I do not have literally everything but there is nothing more I think I need to continue. As far as I know I haven’t used any cheats and only started at 1.38 by which time many cheats like “Reloads” have gone. I do not play online.

Two earlier threads I started brought some interesting comments so I thought I’d throw out everything I have thought about this game to see if there were other ideas we should get out there.

I should say that I DO NOT want more slots. I want to make it harder to manage resources. Perhaps a second galaxy would be the place for that. i do want to increase RISK which is where the exitement really is.

I am definitely not a pilot or even much of a shot on the ground or in the air. Until very recently I only had a B Class Rifle, B Class Hauler & an Infra-Red Accelerator. Yet I have :-

34 Slot S Class Freighter
24 Slot S Class Alien MultiTool
1 S Class 48 Slot Hauler
1 A Class 48 Slot Hauler ( I traded a 48 Slot S Class for it. Really !)
1 Exotic Mosquito (49D 59S 64H) (Trying to trade for the Red 49D 59S 64H Squid I’ve seen once)
1 Exotic Squid (48D 59S 61H) (If I get the Red above then I trade the other Squid for a 48 Slot)
999,999,999 Units

If this does not prove that the game is too easy I do not know what will.

I found myself responding too often to comments on earlier threads so I have broken things down in to 6 threads discussing everything from Flora/Fauna to Game Play to Network Play & Spoilers.

To be honest If I could have had only 1 change in game play it would have been “Less would be More”. Less slots or more critical items in the same number of slots would make life interesting. Maybe this should all be in Galaxy 2 so newbies get to learn like we all did.

So please have a look at the threads QP1-QP6 I have posted and hopefully there can be a fruitful discussion…

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