Precon007 - New WT command June 28th, 2018


precon007 has updated on waking titan, someone reported

The hex in Precon Data Dump 02 says “saturday2018/06/30”. --admin

June 28th - June 30th Precon Data Dump 02

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New Precon Data Dump 02 using command precon007 on the Waking Titan website! It’s a picture of a port city, and the hex code translates to this Saturday’s date!

Someone please figure out what city is in the picture!


Nevermind…just saw the command…my bad.


I’ve seen someone say it’s Boston Bay…let me look that up a bit.

Here it is:
And the English version:,_Boston


Great! So could this be a live drop?


If I had to guess I’d say this is likely where this is heading.



Uh, the link you gave is in German, is there an english translation of it? @DarthTrethon



I just edited the English version into it…I found the German version first because that’s the one that has the matching picture we see corrupted at


Okay, anyone live near Boston?


There are a couple people on Discord who are eager to participate if there is a live drop.


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