June 29 Precon007 dump 03



https://twitter.com/joeysisco/status/1012786061909614592?s=19 I think I got it


Time for drop 11 am EDT


People are saying that’s Long Wharf


Certainly looks that way:



I missed the data dump… so what is the star thingy? Is it on top of the building?


Nope, -on the wharf, check out the twitter pic, I thinks that’s right on it
Edit: so many commas!


There are some street view photos on Google maps


Clearer overhead:


Oh, Duh! I see now. Thank you!


Aww… I tried!


Okay so, we have a location and time. Do we know of anyone that is planning on going?
I sure wish I could! It looks like a great place to hang out. I’m jealous. LoL!


I’m pumping up my rubber dinghy. Only 2,000 miles…


There have been at least 3 people on discord saying they are going.
@Zoid is one of them.


3367 miles for me. I hope the wind will blow in the good direction :stuck_out_tongue:


Element 4 is starting up


So the dead drop is tomorrow 11am edt?


Will they be streaming it ?


So are we all melting? Dublins had its warmest day in forty years (we also had our coldest day and biggest snow fall in fifty years… Two months ago ¯_(ツ)_/¯ )

I honestly thought it was just dreary Brittany and the surrounding Isles getting a rare and unprecedented heat wave but I guess the world is just trying to fry us alive before our leaders fry the world :blush:

Such a lovely thoughtful post from kazzwolf, thanks for sharing it.

On a somewhat related note, during this heat wave a guy I know who happens to have his dog in his dating app photo got two separate messages from strangers reminding him to look after the pooch in the hot weather. Mindful people everywhere :slight_smile:

I’ll be at an engagement party just as this live drop kicks off, will have to catch up on everything come Sunday. Look after those dreamers and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, oh and if tariq gets out tell him I told you to tell him he’s an absolute jerk. I cannot stress that enough.