Pineapple on Pizza


What are your guy’s opinions on pineapple on pizza?
Down under it is is pretty common, but apparently you guys up top don’t like it very much.


Pineapple on pizza is perfectly okay, I don’t get all the people that say it makes it soggy, I’ve never had that at all


Pineapple is good on pizza, but I don’t eat pizza now!


I love pineapple on pizza! I only keep it on when cooking it though, and then take it off just before I eat it though, so it makes the pizza sweeter, but then it doesn’t change the texture.


Never had it actually. I always guessed it was gross lol :joy:


Pineapple on pizza is pretty good! I’m not too sure why some don’t like it :sweat_smile:


Pineapple with pizza is good, and so is any kind of pizza.


Canadian bacon and pineapple are known as Hawaiian pizza around here. Here being Washington state, the eastern half. :pizza:


Here down under, we call it Hawaiian too. It is just ham and pineapple, but it tastes great. It isn’t the first pizza you choose to get, but if you are getting more than one, you get it as well.


Substitute regular bacon for the ham and it’s a winner.


Add in some jalapenos and you are in business.


Susage, Pinapple, and Jalapeno.

It’s what’s for dinner!!!


I’m sad to report the following news today:


He will be forever missed. Hyperion bless his soul!


Rest in peace, you will be missed.


Rest in pepperoni. :cry:


Emily, that’s poor taste…just like putting pineapple on pizza :pensive:


I live in Southern California. People/business throw anything and everything on top of pizza pies. Pineapple here is not exotic enough (like…say…sea urchin meat) these days…and has been downgraded into the “old fashioned” toppings.

I enjoy pineapple on pizzas that are made with a theme. Like pineapple + bacon spam + regular toppings = true Hawaiian pizza. Hawaiians love their spam! -)