Happy Thanksgiving! For US Americans

No Happy Thanksgiving thread?! NOW there is! GRAH!!

You barbarians… well, wonderful barbarians. Here’s hoping that everyone has a happy one in the US, and around the world, a sweet happy day as we prepare for the holidays. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have a feeling that other peoples in other realms are having a good time too. :wink:


So, did you bake that turkey? :laughing:
I am breaking my diet and having a hershey’s bar today. Symphony with almonds. :blush:


I’ve heard Europeans say that American chocolate isn’t reeeaaal chocolate. Meh, goblins.

No, that was from some wonderful cook on the intranets kind enough to share with Google. But it’s the thought behind the image that counts, right? :yum:


You may hear Swiss say that almost no chocolate is real chocolate. And while my international experience has made me aware of some good chocolates from other countries, in general I think we’re right…


Send me a sample of every type of chocolate & I’ll get back to you on that… :rofl:


For those a bit squeamish over eating chocolate,

Chocolate is the Elixor of Life! Sort of :sweat_smile:

Just a bit more holiday fun on our Black Friday, and a lot of people know this stuff anyhow. What great excuses! I’m fond of dark chocolate myself. In fact, what a boost when writing! :yum: Yes, still writing and art shunning… but it’s so fun!

Now if I could just pre-order a Playstation 5 AT A SANE PRICE! GRAHH!!


Well, that’s a question of quality (and price then) before all. Everybody can make low chocolate, european, north american and even swiss :wink: I wanted to see what the different laws said about chocolate regulation and it can explain why europeans say that US chocolate is different.In U.S., you can call “chocolate” a product with only 10% cocoa. In europe, for “classic chocolate” it’s a minimum of 35% (30% for milk chocolate and only 25% for chocolate candies, 43% for dark). So the triple of cocoa, that can change the taste and then the reaction from people, saying that only 10% cocoa isn’t really chocolate.
There is also a question of sugar (you need something to replace the 20% less cocoa), fat (cocoa butter vs less expensive fat). But if we taste a chocolate made with at least 65% cocoa, only cocoa butter as fat, by a good artisan chocolate maker, it’s a real and, above all, a gooooood chocolate :yum: wherever it’s made in the world.


Yeah, but that’s kind of the point. You get the cheapest Swiss chocolate (about 5 bucks per kilo), and it still beats the crap out of most mid-tier chocolates from other countries…


It’s the same thing for some chocolate from Belgium or France if you compare with norwegian or corean one :rofl:

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If all chocolate tasted the same, that would be a crying shame. I have eaten chocolate from Dollar General and it was really good. I have eaten some really fancy stuff and it was really good too. It is nice that everyone can enjoy chocolate. You don’t have to be a millionaire to do so. :doughnut: :ice_cream: :cookie: