Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!


Please comment if you are a father so we can wish you a happy Father’s Day!
Have a tie and some tools from me! :scarf::hammer_and_wrench:


Thanks!! :smiley:

And Happy Fathers Day !!!


Thank you and happy fathers day to all of the other dads out there


thanks all


Happy Father’s Day!! :raised_hands:


Happy Fathers day to all you dads out there! I’m about to go have my fathers day lunch soon! :slight_smile:


Father day? That’s the day where you reflect upon the most stupid decision of your life, right? :smile:


It only lasts about 20 years. It gets better after that.


In Sweden it’s father’s day in November, not that it would matter to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy father’s day to all the fathers regardless :slight_smile:


Happy [insert current Hallmark Holiday]!

:snicker: :wink:


Absolutely. Mother’s day (Mothering Sunday) is a traditional European Christian celebration. It goes back hundreds of years.

All the others, including Father’s day, were invented by American greeting card companies. For purely commercial reasons.

My parents refused to celebrate Father’s Day - they regarded it as a commercial rip-off. I carried on the tradition with my kids - Father’s Day was not celebrated in my house.

But then, a couple of days ago, my grandson gave me a Father’s Day present. A little tin of humbugs, he’d bought with his own money.

What could I say? I’m not his father, I’m his grandfather. But I was sooo touched.


As you story shows, sometimes the beginnings of the traditions, from commercial corporate greed or otherwise, can be disregarded in the face of the human interactions the tradition can produce. :heart:

Sometimes I miss celebrating these holidays, but I prefer showing appreciation (and gratitude!) on an ongoing basis.

Thanks for sharing that. :heart_eyes:


What are humbugs?! :thinking:


Something you say Bah before but they’re also a traditional British sweet I believe, gooey in the centre I think?


A traditional kind of British sweet (candy). At their best, a hard boiled sugar outer shell, with (usually) a peppermint flavoured toffee (taffy?) core.


:rofl: Well, to be honest, I was wondering if the two were related. But, I have since learned they are not. Anywho, that is my all time favorite Christmas movie. :christmas_tree:


The humbugs

And me, and the guy who gave them to me.


Awww!!! :blue_heart: They look yummy! What a precious photo of you both.


Thank you. I am a father of two girls that love to watch the weird things I find in space.


Confirmed! :wink: :+1:

In Germany we had Father’s Day on 10th May, and it’s a collective BBQ party :meat_on_bone:

Thanks and happy Father’s Day to all dads!