Personal Forcefield

Just something to note: the personal forcefield takes some time to completely deactivate. If you activate it, and then open the build menu, it will not go away.
It’s not really a troubling problem, and it might not be a bug, but I thought it might be good to point out. The forcefield will just sit there, preventing you from sprinting.


At this point it’s REALLY bloody hard to tell what’s a bug and what isn’t…if in doubt, report it, let HG be the ones to decide if it’s a bug or not.


I have no need for the personal forcefield. I can be pounded on by multiple (2-3 flying) sentinels without hazard protection on a regularly hazardous planet and go a couple of minutes before my shields are down halfway.

I guess if I had a 4 star sentinel response in the middle of an extreme storm without a building, cave or starship nearby, I may need the forcefield.

Thank you for putting this information out there. I wouldn’t have known and would have been surpised when I eventually try it.