PDF July 24

Sorry to make a new thread, but I was hoping someone knows how to find hidden files in pdf’s?

The size of this new pdf at 3.5mb is much larger than previous ones, but contains nothing more significant than text.
Just seems odd to me.

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I found this hidden in there. It’s probably a texture file to make the paper look distressed - but who knows?

It was originally a .PSD file. I changed it to a JPG so people could see it.


Would it then not be present in the other PDFs too? The paper seems to be the same on all of them.

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Well I haven’t looked in the other PDFs, so I don’t know if it’s in them, too. Checking…

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thanks for that, it probably accounts for at least half the file size. I’ve read you can embed a pdf or docs etc within a pdf, but my viewer is too basic to try anything

Nope. I’ve looked through 5 or 6 of the previous PDFs, and none of them has anything quite like this.

The structure of the PDFs does vary very widely, though. Some of them contain dozens of little graphic images, and some only one - the image of the paper.

What that means, though, is anyone’s guess. I don’t understand the structure of PDF files too well. I don’t think there’s many people who do.


OK. Assuming it’s not a regular part of the file, but something deliberately hidden for us to find, what could it be? Galaxy map? Something that needs an overlay to decode it?

I vaguely remember seeing something a little like this, years ago. But it was printed on a clear sheet, and you had to fold it along a specific axis. When you viewed the two halves, one through the other, a picture appeared.

IDK, I’m just guessing now.


Reminds me of those Magic Eye pictures

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stares intently

Me, too. I’m not seeing anything.

Looks like the NMS
land texture when you first come towards and are still about cloud height.

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Yes, my first thought was it looked like an overhead view of land, like on google maps, or when you break into planet atmosphere in No Man’s Sky, but random terrain is unhelpful to a puzzle. Gonna think about this… :confused:

Perhaps its a hint to encourage some deeper digging…?

I think the whole thread is a hint to do some deeper digging. I think we’ve just been prompted.

It’s the map’s final form. Each point of light not being a star, but a galaxy.

Doesn’t tell us much, if it is.

Well. I’m not sure it’s a magic eye (I’m pretty good with those) but it certainly has some depth to it. Mayhap someone knows how to reverse engineer magic eye images, which would rule it out completely as an avenue.

Seems like Perlin noise, maybe hinting new terrain generation tech.

After sitting back and looking at it a bit, it also looks like (a heavily distorted) image as you approach asteroids in space.
Both this and the terrain ideas follow the Procedural Development nature of the views of NMS.
It sort of grows out of dots but has colour variation too .