Background of myriad 70

here’s what i’v got so far

I’m not a photo edittor pro but

I feel there is some thing here an wanted to share but didnt want to look as a fool tryed to figure it out before hand then was gonna share with the community short on time so here is wehat i have so far somebody get back to me ASAP…

Ok everyone I think i have done all i an do for this pic. I’m not a pro when it comes to finding out hidden clues but. I have given everyone a head start this this pic of what seem’s to me to be hidding some valubale info to are next clue so here it is 20180126_023343_edited







Screenshot_2018-01-25-23-22-42-1 some think id here just need to reach out with the community an see who can help me truly find out what is their

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Seroka4you, I seem to recall seeing this discussed when the site first went live. The consensus was that it was a stock photo available on the internet that was simply used as a backdrop. No significant hidden data was noted between the stock photo and the website graphic when examined together and compared.


so you don’t this anything is here then? it looks like some kind of letters to me

All i remember is that the figure seemed to be the topic of dicussion, and it appeared in both graphics.


Espilonarge30d zsigmond

Led infinity room
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Yet again, even with Shutterstock’s watermarks all over it, there is no real difference between it (the original) and the Myriad page save for the slight cropping on Myriad’s version.


@Seroka4You I changed the topic category to Waking Titan - Season 2, as it is current ARG investigation and fits best.

I also merged several other topics you created into the first one you started on this subject. There is no need to create a new topic for every post you make when it is about the same investigation of the Myriad website background.

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There were many theories about the image, but most of them were disregarded when the image turned out to be a “stock photo”. You can find it here.

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well we need to find somebody who can try to use stereogram rgb to ycbrl

I can confirm that this has been debunked multiple times. There is nothing in the photo that was altered save that the version on Myriad has the top, bottom and sides snipped. I’ve tried a number of things (including tricks used during the Five Nights At Freddy’s picture reveals) and there is nothing hidden within the picture itself.

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its a 5 type HTML jpeg an will be harder to detect the message that is randomly spread all over the image file CSS

by the way what are your credentials to knowing 1 how too look into the picture its self an determine that their isnt anything their. like i supposed to believe what you say . if you work for an image company or have went to school/collage an know web design then that’s one thing but. I don’t know you an if your just listening to others than you dont know anything… to say that you can confirm its been debunked. do you have schooling in this kinda of thing/area im just supposed to believe that sorry but no… give me something to go on talk is cheap sorry don’t believe you unless you can prove you know with out a doubt based on your educational background that you know what your talking about an can truly say you can confirm anything then thing can be different…sorry don’t mean to piss you or anybody els off but if you went to school for this kind of thing an its your day job to do these things then I HIGHLY DO NOT TAKE YOUR WORDS AS FACT!!! SORRY

It’s not only his word, many people with varying degrees of experience and education levels have thoroughly looked/analyzed this picture and found nothing noteworthy. It is literally a picture that hello games bought the rights to use on a website. Take our word for it the community has had a lot of time to do all kinds of conversions and cryptoanalysis with no result.

Your enthusiasm is welcome but you need to be respectful. Remember we are all excited for what’s next too.


a04d94d7a3e8317c56d458a1b984b0ac211ac5e6_1_690x388 @Seroka4You
The original image showing a person with their arm raised in a LED lights art instalation that has already been discussed at great length.
There appears to be nothing extra added to the image after it was altered.
Good efforts with your filters though.
Just a reminder.
Respect is a vital part of how this forum conducts itself. Take the time to peruse ALL the recent Waking Titan discusions prior to reposting old topics or before dissmissing long-term members assistance.


Looks to me like someone taking a selfie. ;`) Mirror, mirror…

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You can also use tools to verify the ELA of a picture, like this one: