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I have a small shuttle called Minor Destruction. I love it :heart:


It’s gonna be funny if there is a huge community outcry for them to add shuttles to the fabricator


Update on this!
I got it working in a mostly stable way. The mod’s available here, with a few caveats I’m working on fixing, such as a few issues with colours, and enabling scrapping on the ships to give parts that way :sweat_smile::


MBINCompiler updated to version v.4.64.0-pre1 :link:

sorry for the delay. The above release has been merged for experimental


NMSSaveEditor has updated to version 1.15.4

1.15.4 - Update (02 April 2024)

  • Overhaul of the WGS / XBox Game Pass save file format.

MBINCompiler updated to version v4.64.0-pre2 :link:

For latest experimental with buildid 13926066

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No Man’s Sky Save Editor (NMSSE)

Warning: On-going problem with Custom Ships.


MBINCompiler updated to version v4.64.0-pre3

For latest Steam experimental with buildid 13939219


MBINCompiler update v4.65.0-pre3 :link:

Works with current Steam experimental.

Please share any feedback/issues you find with it in the NMS Modding Discord


MBINCompiler update v4.65.0-pre4 :link:

the update you’ve all been waiting for(?) MBINCompiler has been updated:

This update brings some important changes, mainly that for the first time ever, both geometry file formats can be decompiled and recompiled faithfully. Anim files are about 99% accurate, just some edge cases are holding that back.
This has the required changes for the headers so mods produced with this version should be all g

At this point, there are only 2 lingering issues with MBINCompiler to be resolved:

  1. Quaternion (de)serialization
  2. Determining whether or not the alignment of a class with lists is affected by the alignment of the contents of list. Anyone who has dug into MBINCompiler will have noticed that some classes have mysterious alignments which can’t be explained by the normal rules. My theory is that our algorithm for determining alignment isn’t 100% correct, but I’m gonna need basically every single entity file to test this to see if the proposed change fixes it.

Once these are both fixed we should have files recompiling 1:1 for every single file which will be a momentous occasion


Alternative Vehicle Control has updated to version 4.65

Also see:


MBINCompiler update v4.71.0-pre1 :link:

Update for latest experimental 14550997 :link: (SteamDB)
Only a few small structs used in the rewards table were changed, so shouldn’t cause any issues


NMSSaveEditor :link: has updated

1.16.0 - Update (06 June 2024)

  • Updated items and name mappings for NMS 4.71 (Adrift).

NomNom updated to version :link:

Updated for Adrift. More will follow…

Notable changes in this release:

  • Updated database to game version 4.71
  • Expedition-only saves are shown as incompatible for now
  • Improved UX in the Save Transfer window

Full changelog here.


@jedidia I have not fully tested NomNom with the latest experimental, but it does appear to load for me and seems to show things correctly? Have you noticed an issue with NomNom with Steam Experimental? I know it changed things to do with saves, not yet sure what exactly and love to know more.

NMSSE does appear to have issues, showing it unable to deal with the metadata files, which I believe NomNom has always sort of ignored. Not sure how much of an issue that is, but I can imagine it can be…


No, I just saw the patch notes and thought that it would probably break all the save editors pretty badly. If that’s not the case, then all the better! Makes me wonder what they changed in their save structure, though. Usually data structure refactoring comes with severe backwards-compatibility issues.


Looks to be mostly an internal restructure happening. Some discussion about the new changes found in the NMS Modding Discord. Some preparations for a Cloud Save Manager on top an alternate colour load screen background, a QR code related to this new manager, and some new so far ‘empty data’ icons.

On the save data side nothing has really changed other than the metadata files that come with it on Steam. Not sure about similar changes for other platforms. For Steam, NMSSE breaks because of those files, not necessarily the sava data files themselves.


NomNom updated to :link:

This one fixes some regressions and adds support for new save format.

Notable changes in this release:

  • Fixed the crash when opening Add/Replace Item and Item Details from an inventory
  • Added experimental support for new save format (see full changelog for more details)

Full changelog here.