No Man's Sky - Inside Xbox - July 10 2018


The multiplayer won’t be anything unheard of…it’s either in new game mode/s, or invite based, or just always active when you play while connected online, it will either be PvE, PvP, or have menu options/game modes to separate between the two. It’s not like it will be some sort of indescribeable never-before-done shenanigans. Building together, carrying others on a ship, or ever multi-crew ships if they have those, have all been done before.


Edited the original post to include a youtube video of Sean’s and NMS’s appearance at today’s Inside Xbox.


Can you take the word “tomorrow” out of the title too so it doesn’t confuse people?


Good suggestion, edited the title too.


Just to add to this, this is the correct way of marketing the game to XBox players. The XBox players have no real idea what to expect and have no doubt been receiving a lot of conflicting reports as to what NMS is all about. If they rolled out a trailer for NEXT ‘to convince the XBox masses and win them over’ it would be a bit like showing them the trailer for Part 2 when they still have no clue really what Part 1 is about.

Doing the “11 things” video was a good way to help them all catch up with the current state of the game and also showcases their commitment to updating it.

Any reasonable on the fence, XBox player will see a lot of fuss being made about it lately, have a vague memory about a bad launch and watch the “11 things” video of stuff that is currently in game and see that it’s far better than when it was released and does something unique. Then said XBox player will wonder why so many PC/PS4 players are losing their shit (in a good way) over NEXT and decide that they too want their own piece of the galaxy.

A trailer solely about NEXT, while good for us, would not be helpful to XBox players, but one that includes the “11 things” and a little bit more would work for both.


Well I really don’t see this as a part 1 and part 2…it’s not like we’ll have to finish the content of previous updates before seeing NEXT…it’s kind of like saying you have to drink hot water before you can have tea…I think the optimal way would have been to have a trailer that represents the game as it will be with NEXT content included.


Key phrase…

As in, tuning into a drama on TV after the programme has already started. Most people would not bother and simply change channel.

I didn’t mean a literal Part 1 or Part 2, I was trying to use the analogy of seeing the trailer for the second film in a series would give you no clue as to what happened in Part 1.

XBox players needed that recap of what’s already happened to bring them up to date, they don’t need it, sure.