No Man’s Sky V1.5 NEXT Bug Reporting

I have also experienced the sound glitch. Activating boosters seems to be when I notice it.

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  1. Can’t scan birds while flying
  2. Creatures in the discovery menu appear in all-white after leaving their planet

Im getting a lot of crashes. planet biome descriptions on my discoveries map don’t match the actual planet and crashes my game when visiting them .after restarting all the modules from exosuit have disappeared.

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Existing save here; when I fire my ship’s weapons I take damage. 30 seconds into the patch I fired a missile from the rocket launcher, saw it fly out in front of me, then self destructed losing all of my ship inventory from the save :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


Don’t know if you can call it a bug, but when pressing ‘Down’ then going into ‘Recharge Equipment’, the icons are so small (relatively) and the text is very hard to read (for us oldies) when you’re sitting 2-3 metres away from the TV. :frowning:

I’m getting the sound issue in a number of different places. It’s horrible and now unplayable. I’ll come back when they release a bug fix.

this is a bug??? PC

I only see orbs in multiplayer
Maybe I have to reinstall the game.

I believe the orbs are in the patch notes.

Issues I got:

1.) Abandoning missions at the mission guy.
I had missions pending from 1.38. I wanted to clear those and take on new missions. When i click on “abandon missions”, the game crashes each time. I reported it through playstation’s crash report and included a video clip and description.

2.) Can’t change the size of the terrain manipulater. Very rarely it will change up or down a size when i press the keys to change the size, but thats it, it’ll lock into one fixated position for a long time and I just have to work with it.

  1. Scanning flying creatures sometimes doesn’t work.

  2. Some items that I transferred from my suit’s inventory to my high capacity inventory don’t actually transfer but, instead, disappeared?(this one might have been my mistake and a misunderstanding though)

Can’t get a blue print analyzer on my old save it’s not a quest given to me

One for PC users, Experimental Build and will hopefully be rolled out to other formats soon.

So happy about the last two!



Is this a bug? I kinda like five stacking in normal and high capacity, still need to use high capacity for storing five hundred of something which I’m finding I’m doing a lot more of now with how the game works, crafting a lot of stacks in refinerys etc etc, don’t think it’s a bug :slight_smile:

@toddumptious But doesn’t it seem counter intuitive to only be able to stack the exact same amount of something in a normal vs. high-capacity storage?

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I’m thinking it’s just being repurposed for stacks of 500 which I’m findinf works better with new economy l, crafting and refining system. Maybe it is a bug, hopefully they keep it same but can stack ten in high capacity :relaxed: because I am constantly inventory full these days

I started from scratch, as I felt there was too many changes to support my old save. (I’m on PC).
So I am at the point where it’s asking me to install the Analyser on my multi-tool, except that I can’t do it! I press ‘E’ as required in an empty slot, the Analyser icon is not shaded, but it does nothing!
Anyone else has seen that?

EDIT1: I had to reset my key bindings to have the pressing of ‘E’ doing something in that particular case (which then made the laser stop working, so I had to reset it a second time, but now looks ok). END OF EDIT1

Also, humm, sorry for asking but I didn’t figure it out so far… how do we go to 1st person mode?

EDIT2: As @Mad-Hatter said below, on PC it looks like we had to press the Quick menu (usually ‘X’) and choose the camera view in ‘Utilities’. Will try it soon. END OF EDIT2

I think it is on the LHS in the utilities pop-up menu on the bottom of the screen. Toggle camera.

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This is hard to describe, but when I put my cross-hairs on something and scan it, the view switches to first person and sometimes the viewpoint shifts left or right. Going into first person I kind of understand, but changing where I’m looking is no good. Anyone else?

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Noticing an issue on PC where my son d/l just the update and the game is using 8GB RAM but, a friend of his d/l a fresh install and is using only 2GB RAM. So my son deleted NMS and is reinstalling it. Something about bloated files etc…
Was wondering if this might also be an issue with some PS4’s crashing. Perhaps a delete and fresh install might fix it…constructive suggestions appreciated.

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Hey all! We’re trying a new format for these subcategories, where you can start a new thread for each individual bug/issue. This will make it easier for people to find out if they have “known” bug, and will allow us to put potential fixes and updates in an easy to find location. I’m going to close this topic, and I encourage you all to make individual threads in this subcategory about bugs or issues. Thanks a bunch!