No Man’s Sky Build Week #4

Twitter user @charliebanks, known for creating the Blender plugin for No Man’s Sky, has started this ‘fourth’ No Man’s Sky Build Week.

The post I created about last years build week, can be found here:

Many great builders will participate once again. If you feel inspired to hide for a week while working on a great build, Details follow below!

If you need some inspiration then you can use the images above as a guide. :egg: :rabbit:

The things I’ve listed and shown are just examples.

Ultimately it’s whatever that theme means to you :slight_smile:

REMEMBER: No social posts with pics/videos of your build until the April 8th.

Only then can you go nuts and show off your creations.

Make sure to use the #NoMansSkyBuildWeek Twitter hashtag. Have Fun! :slight_smile: