No Man's Sky Build Week #3 - Sci-Fi Drive-Thru

Twitter user @charliebanks, known for creating the Blender plugin for No Man’s Sky, has started this ‘third’ Build Week.

I figured to post about this for those who feel inspired and wish to join in/participate. I myself am looking for inspiration right now, to see if I can come up with a cool build for this. Will be interesting to see what others will show by April 11th as well.

The theme this time is a Sci-Fi Drive-Thru with the following rules:

  1. No WIP posts during the TWO weeks.
  2. Must be inspired by the theme.
  3. Only post screens/videos on 11/04/2020 on Twitter and Reddit so everyone is seen at same time.
  4. Glitch building, Blender, vanilla and modded are all welcome!

He included the following image by Roman Klčo for inspiration:

Check here for the full thread (Twitter).

For results of the previous Build Weeks, check the #NoMansSkyBuildWeek hashtag on Twitter.

Happy building everyone :wink:


Some builds for the #NoMansSkyBuildWeek 3 from Twitter:

And of course my entry below!


The #NoMansSkyBuildWeek #3 Poster and ‘Coordinate Catalogue’

Source (Twitter)