No Choice in Manufacturing Facility

experimental 31/03
I was working a daily mission looking for Storm Crystals. While waiting for the storms to resume, I decided to break into a secure facility. While there, I was given the story of spy who disguised himself as a ToilGek but who was really stealing info. They must never be forgiven, etc…
I was given a choice of options, Report to the Gek or the Korvax or remain silent. I reported to the Gek. This is what I got:

nothing. Could not close out or back away. Had to restart.


A while ago I reported that the manufacturing facilities were offering the wrong answers to the questions they posed.

They offer a puzzle, and a multiple choice set of possible answers. Trouble is, the answers you get offered are for a different puzzle - so it’s impossible to choose the right one.

I reported the problem on ZenDesk. It looks like it’s still happening.


That happened to me too, had to restart from an earlier save :disappointed_relieved:


Welcome to the forum @ColinB2460.
This must be a bug. Not sure if it is just this one story line or if other facilities have dead end lines as well. I don’t visit that many.

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