NMS update on steamdb, but branches still 4 monthes ago


All in the title… what could it be?


weird I’m not really sure


I don’t see anything new?


Don’t see anything new either. Are you talking about the “Old Build” one? It’s been here for ages.


Aware of that. It’s “last record update” section that displays “2 hours ago”


The changenumber changed a few hours ago.


When an application or package changes, Steam sends out a “changelist” to notify all Steam clients that something changed. This changelist has a number, referred to as “changenumber”. This changenumber increments globally and is not a per-app thing.

App and package updates do not even have to be related to the app/package itself as Valve does periodical changes to a batch of apps/packages. For a changenumber to change on an app that hasn’t been active in months, it’s more likely a useless change rather than a sign of life.


All they did was switch the order of two Steam Store tags, nothing special.

NMS SteamDB - store change

From InitAppTagModal():
{"tagid":16598,"name":"Space Sim","count":1250,"browseable":true},{"tagid":492,"name":"Indie","count":1250,"browseable":true}