A new "package" has been loaded onto the Steam database for No Man's Sky

This was reported on Reddit and I wanted to report it on here too. A new package has been added to the Steam database for No Man’s Sky. They are saying it could mean a whole new version of the game or something, but I don’t really know.


Nevermind, it may be nothing. Mods on Reddit just said its something that appears on a lot of apps today.

This noodle stuff has got us all jumpy


It’s just another change to the Steam store_tags. The same thing happened close to a week ago where the order of two tags switched. Now these same tags have been switched back again. On the Steam store page you can check the source and find them inside a script dealing with the tags:
{"tagid":16598,"name":"Space Sim","count":1254,"browseable":true},{"tagid":492,"name":"Indie","count":1250,"browseable":true}
Nothing special.

Once in a while, an “experimental” build for NMS appears on Steam. It is an option to install it. Hello Games uses Steam version to try out some dev builds…and to collect data. They did this 2 times before Foundations was released.