NMS Merch and 3D Printing

Post links to your own creations or merch/3D printer sellers/stores.

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Coming Soon on Hello Games website…




3D printed objects


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In general (not only for nms), how do you get the printable files?

I know I need to export files in STL format (can Blender do that? Or Sketchup?)

But some objects don’t “stand”, if you know what I mean, the printer cannot print in midair. Sometimes you can rotate the object, but not always. A rifle could maybe be printed laying on its “back” with the handles pointing up.

For other cases, do you add struts in blender?? And how do I scale it to the right size? It’s a mystery to me. :wink:

I was hoping to 3d print handheld tools for an astronaut toy, that’s why I’m pondering this.


If you unpack all the source files from NMS, you basically have access to all the models used in game. You can use NMS Modding Station to get all the source files (requires MBINCompiler).

Once you have the source files, you are looking for the correct ‘scene’ file for the model you want to use. You can use Blender in combination with the NMSDK plugin to import scene files into Blender. If need be, you can include any animations as well. Animations are useful if you import a model like the player character, to be able to alter their pose.

Once you have what you need in Blender, you may still have to reduce what it imported. For example importing the Player Character, will have all possible customisations with it. You can then hide or delete parts you do not need. Of course scale, position, rotation, and whatever else can be adjusted to get things exactly as wished for. If ‘supports’ are needed for 3D printing or CNC operations, you can of course add these. Blender can do pretty much anything you need to get the required result.

Once everything is as you want it to be, you can export to various formats, including .stl, which is often used for any CAD/CAM software that comes with your 3D printing or CNC device. I believe that .stl turns all the meshes into a single mesh, without having any material/texture information, therefor perfectly suitable. Import the exported model into the CAD/CAM program and check the results. If need be, make additional changes in the program itself, or in Blender to re-export.

I recently helped someone by providing a specific Korvax player model in a certain pose for use with CNC (CAM) to mill out of wood. Still awaiting the final results, but initial results looked good in the software at least.

Feel free to ask any questions, as I am well versed in Blender and the NMS tools that come with it.


I remember Rovanite making some really good looking NMS objects. Close to a year ago he raffled a Multi-Tool to give away. A link to the topic can be found below:

I am not sure he still creates objects for NMS, but he sure knows how to 3D print!
You can find links to his social media, website and shop below:


Does anyone know how long the Hello Games Merchandise page has had the “Coming Soon…” message? Is this a relatively recent occurrence?


About a week or so. Its new. Their page was updated too.


From what I gather from the website sources, it appears they have been working on updating the Hello Games website in March, 2020, looking at some of the new images used. Not sure if we can expect NMS merchandise or if this has to do with the upcoming ‘The Last Campfire’ release (or should I say ‘Bleak’?). If I recall correctly the official merch store for NMS used to be ‘iam8bit’ in the past?


The Hello Games Merch Store is Live!

That black ship selection shirt is :ok_hand:

If you wanted to show HG your support, nows your chance! Pick up some merch!


Yeah, the ships are indeed nice.
What I had hoped to see would be more fantastic landscapes on shirts in this style: