Pets merchandise?

Are there any plans to produce Petsfrom NMS ? Or has anyone made any yet ?


Nothing from official sources even though a quick google will show you people have been demanding Gek Plushies since 2016 XD

Etsy is usually the go to place for fan made bespoke merch, so if you don’t mind non official stuff made by fans inspired by the game, its usually a good shout, and people are always making new things so sooner or later something you like might pop up there.

For now heres an etsy link with “No Man’s Sky” as the search's_sky

Hello Games did have a merch store with some limited t shirt runs etc but it would appear as though that store is no longer being used (they might be switching to a new merch supplier with the run up to Light No Fire, their new game, in case you missed all the buzz around it last month :D)

as you can see the store no longer lists any items.

edit: okay i checked etsy and now I really need these guys in my life… only 13 euro too (i have a 3d printer but it sucks, would never print this good)

edit:edit: I bought Nada and Polo '^ _^

also found a seller in my country that makes NMS stuff, might have to bookmark them and keep an eye out for cheap delivery to my island :smiley: They’re printing Portals


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I have not seen any companions/pets as merchandise so far. It is likely somewhat more complicated to create as well due to the procedural nature and mix/matching of ‘parts’. It should still be possible though, but most likely by request for specific wishes.


Diplos would be nice and those butterfly creatures…maybe I should crochet some :smile: would likely be a disaster


Gosh they are good xx thanks for telling about them… I would love the pets in plastic not plush really, small and closer to the original designs… xxx
I would love a three D printer… cause I can sculpt well… hummm wonder if I should try ? I will read up on the tech and skills and see.
Really I would prefer to just Buy ! Ha !


If anyone is wondering about good 3D printers, I use them often myself so i can provide some insight if you want to print some of these yourselves.

The high quality ones from the photos are not FDM printers(the one with a nozzle pointing down and printing on a bed), it is a resin printer(prints upside down and uses UV light). You can get some high quality prints from a resin printer for as low as even $150 for a cheap unit.

For the most part, resin printers are really easy to use and even a child can start printing things. The main thing is only that its a bit messy and smelly so you just need a place to print things at such as a room with adequate ventilation or print outside.

Personally, I think every home should have a 3D printer, at least an FDM with PLA filament since it doesn’t emit an odor and can be used indoors just fine. I’ve fixed so many things with a FDM printer that i’ve not only recovered the cost of the printer itself, its starting to save me money! From curtain hoops and corner brackets to fixing a standing fan and making a few car parts to fix my radio mounts.


Thank you…good to know about odour probs …it is still a bit in the future before I can buy one but good info x


I am convinced human beings can crochet anything, so please try and report back to us! Or suggest me an animal and I’ll try.

Some games and streamers get their mascots produced in these stores, But HG would need to pick the most popular ones to reach the minimum order size. NMS could probably even afford to plan several plushies – they are not just “streamer Joe with his five fans and his mother”.

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The raccoon was unusual.

Lots of inspiration to be found in Palworld.



I guess this is where this stuff goes now :slight_smile:
I saw these and had to share ;0;


This guy also has done pets

Reading this sellers page, it seems they work with buyers if you reach out to them, goign so far as to printing a specific creature, I’ve also seen some people mention the seller printed their customized avatar from NMS for them. Might be worth getting in touch if you’re still looking for pets merch.

more edit: Looks like he does bespoke everything. Ships, avatars, creatures etc, just needs ship seed or screenshots etc ;0;