NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


A pretty reasonable assumption, actually.


So Potential Spoilers has become Potential Economics 101, :grin: Hopefully, their Hello Labs venture will begin to generate a positive flow of cash. With the feud just starting between Steam and Epic and the painfully slow pace of game approval through Tencent, I would be a bit concerned. Does anyone know if NMS has made the approval list for Tencent or are they having to go through the agonizing wait period?


As far as I know, NEXT launched on Tencent roughly at the same time as everywhere else.


It is articles like this that make me ask. Nothing happens in China without governmental approval…


Huh. To be honest, I have no idea, but the launch on Tencent was announced to be at the same time, and nothing was ever communicated that said something different…


We are all asking the same question



Honestly, if they just go radio silent again and then drop a big update for the anniversary, I’m going to be a bit pissed. Not because it’s too long to wait for an update, they have to move them at their own schedule, but keep bloody talking, HG! You were doing so great in that regard!
If this is the plan, at least they could have said something along the lines of “This concludes our regularly scheduled updates and community events, we’ll now retreat for a couple of months to get the next big thing ready” or somesuch. All fine and well.
But don’t have active, regular engagement with your community and then suddenly play dead again without as much as a single word. This should be so painfully obvious, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry… :tired_face:


At this point, we fall into the old habit of trying to ‘read into’ everything SM tweets…:smile:


Vote vote vote Hurry hurry hurry


Voted for NMS. waves hello