NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


Looks fun! And like some of the mods.


Steam Experimental Patch: [3172232]

Latest changes on Experimental (01/10):

  • Added a new Exocraft, the Pilgrim. Purchase the blueprints for the Pilgrim Geobay from a Blueprint Analyser.

  • Added an Exocraft Summoning Station that once built on a planet, allows all owned exocraft to be summoned from anywhere on that planet. Purchase the blueprints for the Exocraft Summoning Station from a Blueprint Analyser.

  • Increased the inventory size of all Exocraft.

  • Increased the base speed of the Colossus.

  • Added upgrade modules for the Exocraft, similar to the modules available for ships, Multi-Tools + the Exosuit. Upgrade Modules are purchasable for Nanites from the Exocraft Technician once their quest chain is complete. Modifiable stats include top speed, boost power, fuel efficiency, gun damage and more.

  • Expanded the Exocraft Quick Menu options to allow all owned and in-range Exocraft to be summoned, not just the current primary Exocraft.

  • Added the ability to customise your Exocraft with unique paint, decals and boost particle options.

  • Added specific technology to customise Exocraft handling, allowing drivers to spec their vehicles for grip or drift.

  • Added a speedometer display to the HUD while driving an Exocraft.

  • Fixed a number of issues with vehicle races, particularly in multiplayer.

  • Fixed an issue where Exocraft with laser upgrades could still not mine substances that required an Advanced Mining Laser.

  • Fixed an issue where Exocraft could not mine terrain resources.

  • Improved the visuals when highlighting objects with the Analysis Visor.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not lose a 5-Star wanted level.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Blaze Javelin from firing while zoomed in with the Combat Scope.

  • Fixed an issue where players who were on the other side of a portal at the launch of NEXT would see their portal return marker in an invalid position.

  • Fixed an issue where NPCs could use the wrong audio.

  • Fixed an issue where frigate cargo would be lost if inventory space wasn’t available upon landing on the frigate.

  • Fixed an issue where expedition upgrades were not refunded when the expedition was cancelled.

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to land on frigates owned by other people in multiplayer.

  • Added the ability to cycle between frigates when viewing the fleet.

  • Fixed an issue where freighters could not be purchased with other players on board.

  • Fleets can now be seen from the planet surface.

  • Added display of planetary coordinates to starship dashboard.

  • Fixed a number of issues with player position being saved incorrectly while on the other side of a portal in multiplayer.

  • Fixed an issue that caused players returning to a Base Computer via a teleporter to spawn inside the Base Computer mesh and be violently ejected.

  • Fixed an issue where players were being asked to build a beacon for the Base Scientist but didn’t know the blueprint.

  • Fixed an issue that caused missions given by planetary NPCs to use a Trade Outpost for hand in rather than the NPC that gave the mission.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Delivery missions to require the wrong substance at the hand-in step.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause missions that involved bribery to request an invalid item as the bribe.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Atmosphere Harvester to collect an invalid substance on specific rare biomes.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Atmosphere Harvesters (and other similar remote gathering technology) to run out of fuel and empty its collection hopper when the player left the system.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Automated Mining Units to mine an incorrect substance from terrain resource deposits.

  • Fixed an issue that caused base building warning messages to be displayed immediately after correctly constructing a building.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the ‘Find nearest building’ signal booster option to find only buildings of the same type as the nearest building.

  • Starships will now be placed upon available landing pads when teleporting back to the player’s base.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to be ejected through their freighter’s hanger when leaving some tall Exotic ships.

  • Fixed a number of other issues affecting starship landing and collision.

  • Fixed an issue that could allow multiple starships to be docked on the same landing pad in multiplayer.

  • Non-primary player ships are returned to the freighter when the freighter is called in, preventing them becoming permanently lost or broken.

  • Further improved the system to remove irrelevant bases from the teleport list.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause starship engines to sound too loud.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the camera to swing wildly when launching the starship.

  • Prevented Quick Menu hotkeys from taking effect while other UI panels are open (eg during text chat).

  • Fixed a crash related to the Quick Menu.

  • Fixed a crash in AI ship behaviour.

  • Fixed a crash in the terrain system when reloading an autosave.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause poor performance on the Discoveries menu.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause excess memory usage on some AMD systems.


Hmmmm…this update caused my main base planet to revert back to its original name…

and it says I now have superheated drizzle and aggressive sentinels…:scream: :sob:

UPDATE: sentinels are NOT, I repeat, NOT aggressive…:sweat_smile: :thinking:

Oh and my old Exo is on fire.


YES! They fixed the blaze javelin thing!
Also, I’m really excited about all of the new Exocraft modifications.


They fixed the automated mining units and atmosphere harvesters?


My crafting project has required 90% of my time devoted to running from planet to planet trying to find a full hopper. That’s a big investment in time for a casual player. If this is fixed, then my 13 planet factory should be able to run normally.

This calls for some sort of harvest celebration!

I’m not sure I have enough quicksilver for both costumes and decorations. I might have to try to make some sort of home-made costume from a Solar Vine. I’m pretty sure Echinocactus would chafe.

See what happens to single-player’s minds when they spend too much time wandering around alone in the universe?

I haven’t even started rambling on about starships arriving on landing pads, the end of quantum leaps on teleporting, coordinate displays in starships, larger exocraft inventory, custom exocraft… It looks like most of my personal wish list was cleared in a single routine update.


Huh… does this mean we also get exocraft damage? :thinking:


Yay! New vehicle, the ‘Pilgrim’ :joy:

PS: Time for a test drive before they add the races back in :wink:

Screenshots v1.5-1.77

I built up the number of my gas harvesters, so I could still get a decent return, even if less than half of them were working.

Now they’ve fixed them. What am I going to do with all this gas?

I think I’ll open a balloon shop.


Balloons would make a great addition to a harvest celebration.


insert obvious toilet-humour joke here :toilet:


All of the Exo can now be customized and did they have a horn before?


Races are working in the experimental branch.


There’s another experimental patch out - didn’t see any notes yet for it


Latest changes on Experimental (02/10):

Fixed an issue where the Race Initiator was unavailable for purchase at the Blueprint Analyser
Fixed a performance issue with terrain generation
Fixed an issue where Geobays could only be built on terrain
Fixed an issue where players would be ejected into the roof of their freighter when exiting tall Exotic starships


Yes, they did have horns before, but the animals ignore it (just like in real life).


Well, that’s what I get for not trying all my buttons…but, then again, I am the person who never finished Myst End of Ages because it was the last Myst game and I couldn’t stand the thought. So I saved and quit while standing at the Keep for the last time. I took up the mantra, The ending has not yet been written in hopes that one day… (fingers crossed) and here I am 13 years later, and I jump into the Kickstarter for Myst and now I have End of Ages on my PC and today, yes it only took 13 years but today, I finally finished the game.
So yeah, I didn’t realize the Exo had a horn…did that make any sense…prolly not. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:


Not really, but it was adorable :heart:


It was a good story, and I’m glad you finished Myst! There’s something satisfying about revisiting an old game you never finished :smiley:


Warning: Just went to send my frigates on a mission and when I pulled up the available missions, my whole game froze.
EDIT Restart required. No damage taken.
Also, AMD now using about half the memory it was using before. :+1:


Yeah, right…


Maybe it was a typo and they meant up in it