NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


After this patch, my jetpack has been kind of touchy lately. Sometimes, if I fly into an object, and stop, the jetpack will turn on again in a brief burst.
Also, after I exited a portal, I noticed that the game was saying that I had collected Big Ball.
However, my Gek construction supervisor no longer grunts like a Vy’keen, so that’s a plus.


New patch up on Steam Experimental [3133543] as of six hours ago.

Experimental Branch update 19/09 applies the following Experimental-only fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in the Space Anomaly geometry.

  • Fixed an issue where Hexite could continue to spawn after the relevant community event.

  • Reduced audio volume of ships flying past freighters.

  • Improved interaction camera positioning on Boundary Failure objects.


Thank goodness they will fix that hexite problem so people can farm for salvaged tech again and actually get salvaged tech lol.


Excellent plan Darth!


After the latest patch went live, I noticed we can now build our statues inside bases and on our freighters - nice!


Another experimental patch is out, get it while it’s fresh!


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I sent this to zendesk, but does it bother anyone else that in the quick transfer menu, you press left and right to move the destination of the items up and down?


Heads up experimental users - got another update!


Notes for Update to Experimental (26/09):

  • Fixes to internal mission logic
  • Improved translation in various places


Not sure what you mean here; are you using a game pad, or keyboard and mouse?


A controller, PS4. On the quick transfer menu you have to press left and right in order to make the selection of where you want the stuff to go move up and down, and if you press up and down it will change the stack size.


I thought maybe track when experimental goes public on this thread too.

Build ID: [3155370] September 27, 2018 – 11:08:57 UTC

HelloGames: Patch 1.61 is live on all platforms today, with the notes available below. We will have some more news to share with you very soon!

Our next update is larger and has a focus on making exocraft. Making them more valuable and interesting, as well as fixing exocraft issues.

Thank you so much,

_ _

Patch 1.61

* Fixed a crash in the quick menu.
* Added a warning message when attempting to upload a base which exceeds the existing server upload limit.
* Fixed an issue where the build menu would occasionally switch to the quick menu.
* Fixed an issue where multiple mission markers could appear over moving objects.
* Fixed an issue on PS4 where players could join multiplayer sessions with players on a different patch version of the game.
* Improved some translated text.


Oh mama! Custom colours and a fix for racetracks are nearly here :smiley:


This is exciting news!


For cripes sake Sean, making something, and making something more interesting, are very different things. Confusing, but still very exciting.


They are doing both! :wink:


New experimental out, get it and tell us what’s up!

Edit : Patch notes


The Pilgrim.


It’s bigger than it appears.