Nervous about US$1000 cash reward

I don’t know how to feel about the one thousand dollar cash reward in that last W/RE email… originally some peeps over on discord talked about it and it got me thinking whether money is a driving force for what we’re doing with W/RE or not… it just feels so weird to play Waking Titan for want of money, what do you think?

Also, I’m not sure how to understand it - is it a part of the ARG only, or will IRL money actually be paid out to “the winning contribution”?

How do you guys understand this?

I wouldn’t like it if WT turned into a competition pinning players against each other, making favourites out of the tech-savvy ones that can make nice presentations, website, videos, etc… but maybe I’m understanding this thing completely wrong? I wrote an email to A&S and HG about it (didn’t receive an answer of course), but I would very much like some other viewpoints on this as well…


I would say that we should just have fun playing the ARG and if CSD Games arrives at the complication of money, then we cross that bridge at that time. Its seems to me that we would be better set if we don’t let the unknown spin us, but to enjoy figuring those things out during the journey.

My first thought was to give it to charity if that were to happen, but who would decide which one? (maybe a pole?)

Another idea would be to use the money to make official ID badges (or whatever swag) for CSD games if we win.


Yeah, I was also going to give it to charity, except for the IRL money that one of us actually paid to host a website, which would be nice to pay back in full… but I’m asking not as a CEO for CSD Games, rather as a WT player, about how you guys feel about the whole thing…

After my “angry rant” email to A&S and HG, I think I calmed down a bit however…

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ya angry? at HG?
ya does not seem right tis money is possibly float in cyber space and letting EMILY control it.
i still can not get, let myself accept, post, enter data into those pages.
logically and tech view point this not good.
Wonder if HG understands that?


I wonder if it is actually money or if it will show up in the wallet on the W/RE dev page

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@zsigmond No I’m not angry - never was… I love HG and Waking Titan and I think Hello Games are absolute role-models when it comes to how they show love and appreciation to their fanbase and the game itself…

but I was initially concerned that money would divide the community… making those who have no chance of winning less interested to participate… it does somehow make the game “less innocent”…

@sheralmyst yes this has crossed my mind as well… as @LordMarkov wrote above, I guess we have no way of knowing until we actually know


I think it was an attempt to do a few things…

  1. Make it “look like” W/ARE was a “real” company…it isn’t. Often when companies have contests/incentives, money is involved as a prize.
  2. To create more entries into the “race-to-be-the-best” of indie game groups.
  3. Throw another element into the pot to help boost participation.

It confused me at the beginning. But I’ve been reassured that W/ARE is not a real company, the “Submit your ideas/game projects to be included in the Dreamscape software line-up” IS part of the ARG.

We were asked by the “Puppet-Masters” at Alice & Smith to pool our resources and get ready. So…groups are doing exactly that. Some are creating fictious game companies, some are pooling their crypto/puzzle abilities (those groups need their own “group handle”!), and some are creatively writing fiction to “fit into” the ARG and NMS!



1000 units received.


Pay any expense and donate the rest.

I like your idea.


PS I have had no expenses and don’t expect any so you won’t be getting an expense report :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Dolnor yes I was confused too, but I think with your answers and my own extremely slow and drama-queenïsh brain, I’m starting to get the hang of things…

@xdragon thanks! Yea if CSD does get IRL cash out of this, it will be dealt with in the way you describe it me thinks…

@MacForADay only a thousand?? What are you selling me… Carbon?? Give me some Emeril right now!!

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I agree we give it to charity

…that charity being me: ) jk

This isn’t a new thing for the ARG. In the first WT there was a question about if a button that would either kill a random person or give you you a million dollars was presented to you, would you press it? I was appalled by how many said they would press it. Once again, our greed is being tested.


Yes … I remember the bottom well my friend, I believe the year was 1943 perhaps.

Of course I chose to push as my greed reaches no bounds.

But no seriously it was a messed up question

I think if(big “if”) the money is real, its intentional use is to make a fake company as we are doing. But if it is fake, it is likely going to the WARE wallet where maybe we can purchase fake things with it as part of the ARG.

I think the second is more likely.

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There isn’t going to be any real world money. Just wait. Maybe for that 'bitcoin wallet ’ that was discovered.


Yeah I think charity idea good! :+1:

I think you’re right. Arnaud’s account is dead, because he doesn’t have any money.

I suspect that everybody who signed up will “win” 1,000 Ware - to go in their cryptocurrency wallet.

That will enable you to buy the “supplies” you need to progress.


That’s a very interesting thought… and much more productive than just handing out hard cash… looking forward to see what happens with this!


Let’s be real here: the purpose of offering $1000 prize is to motivate us to submit a lot of content for the contest. It doesn’t really matter who gets the money or what they do with it, as long as we have a lot of cool trailers and such to watch for the voting.