Need Help (July 29)


Hi guys!
I’m on holiday and without PC/printer until monday (two days from now) and need help with converting my code as per new code wheel, and also to insert my data in the website with my personal code. Can someone help me with this? (alternatively, if there is a keycoder online like last time, could someone send me the website for it?) Thanks a million!


I got it ready in Photoshop


The online decoder from the last one works for this too: Just change the xL xR stuff accordingly.

Additionally, you could just draw a wheel like this on paper and cut it out if you feel like old school, or you could just do the transformation steps in your head/on paper.


oh ok thanks! i wasn’t aware the second line was editable!


Ok I entered my code using my iphone on the azure site, unlocking a pixel. Is that all that is required at this stage? Sorry i’m not updated, right now in a small village in northern Italy!


Yes, that is all. Unless you can make it to New York in less than an hour for another drop. :stuck_out_tongue:

That being said, I recommend you to check back in an hour or so, there might be more puzzle to solve then.


Yup ok will do! Thanks a lot for the info! I read about the live drop on Reddit, people going crazy over there!!