Nautilon In Cave

Is the Nautilon un-summonable …wait is that a word…anyway…can I not summon it in the water inside a cave? The water is deep enough. Real bummer since I had big plans which now fail. Maybe building the Nautilon Chamber will fix it?

Okay. Chamber fixed it…in case anyone needs to know. :smile:


I’ve been able to summon mine in a cave in the water. I see you got yours now too. Awesome ! :smiley:


I’ve noticed a few weird things happen in caves. In one I couldn’t pull out my multi-tool. It’s like it thought the cave was inside a building. I had to leave before I could arm myself. Never had that happen before visions.


I am wondering if the cave is too small, maybe the walls are too close. I couldn’t place the Nautilon Chamber in the space I originally chose. When I moved to a more open area, it worked but only with the chamber in place. I still could not place the Nautilon alone. The caves extend for a very long way and eventually open into the sea.