Myriad-70 PDF clues to No Man's Sky's New Procedural engine?

As of the last Waking Titan PDF retrieved from the myriad-70 website:

Also converted to JPG:

The document talks about the excessive bandwidth Mercury is using. The interesting part of the document is:

…our initial projection for how our system would map galactic bodies is currently
ongoing improvement…

So, it looks like the Procedural engine has received a major overhaul to it. Since the procedural generation is the heart of No Man’s Sky, the next update (1.3/2.0) might be focused around how the universe (i.e. not only planets, but also fauna and flora) is represented in-game.

What do you think about this? It starts to sound like a legit thing! :smiley:


I am on PS4 and cannot open the PDF file. Can you screenshot it and post it on imgur or something so I can see it?

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Main post updated with a JPG screenshot from the PDF :smiley:

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Thank you! I bet you anything the blacked out name on the letter is Hello Games.

Fun fact: If you try to copy any of the censored parts to a plain text editor (like Notepad), they read [NICE TRY] :joy:


Indeed, as follows:

  • To Team Myriad from the Team at [NICE TRY]:
  • Sincerely,
    [NICE TRY]

The top two blacked out parts have nothing.

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Bottom of the page on youtube.

Kraftwerk - Computer Love - YouTube plays a nice song, and pauses before going to the next one.

The pdf sounds to me like Myriad supply storage to whoever wrote the letter. They are mapping galactic bodies at an increasing rate and Myriad cant keep up.

In the game we will often see Sentinels scanning plants. Looks to me like they are collecting data. We dont know who built them or where they come from.
My long running theory on Sentinels are they are Von Neumann probe’s. There are so many of them because they self replicate. So maybe the author of the letter has built the Sentinels and are using them to map the galaxy, but as they self replicate there will be more data sent back.
If we are getting a lore backstory through the ARG then this could be the story of the Sentinels.


Mapping galactic bodies sounds to me more like Atlas currently works. You explore something, you submit it (send to atlas), which is then catalogued.
Alternately, it could also just literally mean the star map overview.

I would personally not connect it to the procedural generation engine.

It’s a possibility. I would think that maybe they are setting up new servers that can handle the lots of concurrent players in the same universe(multiplayer). I feel the main reason on why mp wasn’t in the game at release is because they are using a brand new engine. They have no data on how the engine would handle having multiple players in the same space so they launched it without mp and see using the data gathered so far from players uploading discoveries to gauge how it would fair.


Quite possibly so Swamp. Portals could be a way to get to the MP server so that you can play solo when you want by going back through them.

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Has anyone noticed in the corrupted image pdf, near the top of the fin shape there are 4 small squares of colour if you zoom in you can see them easier, could this be a key to decrypting the image?