My mother has joined the other angels in heaven


Wow, you’ve had it really rough, I’m so sorry.
The father of my cousin’s kids just died in a horrible traffic accident, so it seems my family isn’t done having unexpected deaths yet.


On YouTube you sound like you’re old enough to not need advise on how to get through the loss and will be ok. All I could tell someone is to not get withdrawn from people. Keep other family and friends close and don’t give up. Continue living your life like the person who passed would want you to.


Yes, this tragedy has brought me closer to my family, rather than farther apart.


The No Man’s Sky community never ceases to amaze me. That’s so awesome!


Mac: this isn’t the first time I’ve been sitting here, only to realise I’m not as clear as I thought I was, on what I wanted to say. So, this time I decided that even if just saying that, it’s ok.

I don’t want to write any details of my own experiences of loss, of grief…I don’t want to say nothing to you, either though. The memorial your friend built, that’s lovely…

…I am just sorry, for how hard missing her will be.


Hey, I want to apologise for my delay - a genuine password issue that only resolved through a moment of clarity…

There’s nothing I can say or do to help other than join everyone here to offer our most heartfelt understanding… Again I know i’m a bit late here and just hope that time is already starting to release you from some grief at least. I can’t imagine what it must be like until it happens, but then again I can project my thoughts/feelings and foresee a battle with despair. That said I’m sure it will be a unique experience for everyone.

I consider myself a devoted NMS player yet can’t commit to NMS/WT as much as I would like to, nevertheless @MacForADay , I watch your videos and read your contributions which to me is proof enough of the geuine, down-to-earth guy who is the testament and legacy to those who gave him life.

Hope that makes sense and you’re doing well.


Here are a few vlogs I have made since my mother passed away, to show you how I am coping and that I am doing well.


My cats, Gray Ghost amd Snow. Both male. Neutered, which is essential to having peace. I have had many male cats through the years, always neutered. I have found that most of the time they eventually adjust to each other. I have found that playing with them with a cat toy helps to ease the tension. Once they cease seeing each other as a threat, they become more relaxed. And if at least one of them can be relaxed, the other will follow. Hope it works out well for you guys. I don’t know what I would do without my furry friends.


Sandy, one of the cats I vlogged about, has now passed away as well. Here is his eulogy video:


Sorry to hear Mac, my sincere condolences.
Parts of the story sound familiar …

RIP :cat: Sandy


Hi mac, I had only seen your video from March 1st today in which you allude to the hard times you were enduring then, my latest sympathies to you and loved ones and very sorry to hear about Sandy now too.

All my love and strength to you, thanks for all you do for this community despite the difficulties life throws your way


Sorry to hear Mac.


Sorry to hear Mac. My strengh goes to you man…


Sad period indeed. Condolences.


Tragedy has struck my family again this year. My sister lost what would have been her fourth child. Below is the vlog she made about it.

WARNING: This video contains graphic descriptions of pregnancy and blood; do not watch it if it offends you. If a lot of people are disturbed by the video, I will remove it. If you comment on my sister’s video, please be very sensitive and only offer words of empathy.


I’m so sorry Mac, you have my most sincere, dearest condolences. I hope you get through this as best anyone can, you’re a good person, she was obviously a lovely person. Chin up, love you like all those here.


I did not watch the vid because I can imagine how sad it must have been for her. Having had 2 kids, at 17 weeks you start making plans, thinking about names, etc…So very sorry for your family.