Moon in planetary rings

So in my travels I found a moon that intersects with the rings of it’s orbiting planet. Naturally, I took some pics.

The view from space:

A short walk away:

And looking into the void:

I tried looking over the edge with photo mode, but then the rings “slide” with the camera. I haven’t tried walking thru the rings, but I can fly thru them in my ship.


Heh. Shepherd moon. :smile:


Just a little update; I tried walking into the ‘mist’ of the rings and it was a bit disappointing. Was expecting to maybe fall off into an abyss, or disappear or something.

Instead the rings just move along in front of you so you never actually enter, you effectively push it along with you.


Something interesting would be to get with a friend, have one person “moving” the rings, and the other observing from the planet, and seeing if the rings actually move.


That would be interesting! Would the player disappear into the mist, or move the rings as you said?