Monolith without activation stone

Not sure this is a bug, maybe something just changed in the way monoliths are handled? In any case, I just found one that had no activation stone. Nothing. Literally just a slab of ominous rock with a few knowledge stones around it. Dug the foundations out completely just to make sure it wasn’t burried somewhere.
Kinda felt like standing at a portal back in the days. “Well, this looks important! Uhhhh… what do I do?” :laughing:

Anybody else encountered this? Has anybody found monoliths outside of story quests that have their activation stones?


Huh, Ok, I realised that the activation area is still there, it’s just not visible anymore. But I could activate the monolith by activating the place where the stone used to be.


I noticed the interaction area being actually on the Monolith. The only ones I have encountered so far have been in the story line. I don’t think any of those have been the smaller ones.


Yes, also, I recently found one that did have a stone, but the activation spot was on the monolith itself.


I’ve happened upon several stones the don’t show the familiar ‘e’ on them when you get close. I’ve just been pointing at them anyway and pressing ‘e’ - seems to work.


It’s been that way since the introduction of NEXT. Some monoliths don’t have a defined interaction structure - but you can still interact with them anyway. They also have fewer knowledge stones. It used to be four, but now it’s three.


Huh, I never noticed. But Monoliths were never anywhere near the top half of my priority list.