Monolith/Plaque Variations (possible Spoilers)


Was just wondering how many variations of Monoliths and Plaques there are in NMS and did they add any new ones in the updates? If you would rather discover them for yourself, don’t look. :sunglasses: Here is one of my favorites.


Nice idea! I will look into my best monoliths after the night! See you tomorrow!

In Honor


I thought the same.
New monoliths…and some tests I don’t remember doing on a previous iteration too.


There’s a spot in the wiki with all the monolith vartiations:
From what I have seen there is no new shapes for them in 1.3 (And as you can tell from my Youtube channel, I’ve clocked a lot of hours since the update). There’s also no new text lore for them except those relating to the new storyline that are not repeatable.
And, of course, there is the new feature that Monoliths can be used to locate portals.


Well thank you then for the link, now I can check them all out, because to me they are still pretty new!

In Honor