Microsoft E3 Conference June 10th, 2018

Sony isn’t going to feature a game that came out 2 years ago on their console just because it’s getting an update.


505 games headed over to LA what a waste of time no???

emily says us, that the e3 presentation eventually not be avaible by the ARG.

03:32 UTC

(03:32 UTC)


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Would 505 Games even be talking at a briefing or will they just have a booth?

It would have been clever for them to do. @MacForADay Geez!
@myst88 I did, too!! I was hoping.

Unsure but either way a waste of time since no no mans sky on xbox show

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They did tweet today though i think

indeed… i only think, that they´ve got problems for visiting the e3

I’m just glad we have Waking Titan for our NMS teasers.


I can’t see anything new.

Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a 2 year old game get featured at E3 unless it was a remaster or a sequel. Not to put anyone down or anything. :v:


they didn’t tweet anything, not 1 message to there supporters who they knew were waiting all week for this

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I’m sure Hello Games has their own plan for NEXT publication.

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and what might they be ? why did they take onboard 505 to publish the game without even showing it ?


NEXT release next month, there’s plenty of time.
They can use sites like IGN or Gamespot to do coverage for NEXT.
Or maybe use Xbox Youtube channel again.
There’s plenty of ways to promote your game besides E3.

While I agree with you I am definitely disappointing I just wasted all that time watching the Xbox E3. Not cool. I know I only have myself to blame but there were tons of hints that tons of people were believing was leading to a presentation today.

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exactely, what harm would it of done to tweet out a message to the people supporting them that nothing was going to be shown, wasted 2 hours watchnig games i have no interest in

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I’m not really bothered that much that they didn’t show No Man’s Sky.

I am, however, appalled at the quality of the stuff they did show. Tired old re-hashes of 30 year old ideas. Huge anime eyes and laughably huge weapons.

Just like Hollywood, the mainstream games industry has become trapped. If you want to make a big game, you need to spend millions. But if you’re going to spend millions, you can’t take the risk of trying anything new, or different.

It’s only the small indie studios that are keeping gaming alive.

Microsoft should stick to making operating systems. They clearly don’t understand games.


I’m excited for Bethesda’s conference. I hope they showcase Starfield!

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Just curious, what game are you referring to?