Micro transactions


I just wanted to leave my vote that if nms starts having micro transactions it will ruin the game as it has ruined many games before. Micro transactions are the cancer of the gaming industry. I ve been playing nms since it’s release and I love it. I work very hard on it and have put many hours into the game. Games that have micro transactions have a vulgarity to it in my opinion that doesn’t go along with the beauty and sophistication of the nms experience. Serious gamers should always boycott games that have micro transactions. Only this way we can ensure quality in future games.


Where did you read that NMS will have this horror?


I don’t like the idea of Micro Transaction’s at all!

Won’t you rather have it procedural? i mean, imagine being the only guy with an extremely rare X.O Suit!


I would not mind purely cosmetic DLC to help support the game. Things like themed exosuits or starship decals would be alright by me without breaking the game. However, I agree with your stand on anything that gives players benefits in game.


There has been talk of it in the twittersphere, and that has got me scared. I hope these are just rumours .either way I believe hello games should hear how the nms community feels about it and know that’s this is not ok. Also I don’t have an x box but apparently nms showed up on a section for games that have micro transactions and or downloadable extra content , so what’s up with that ?


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Some of the things that have ruined games I used to enjoy is when:

  • Developers start treating you like they don’t trust you IE Including Anti-Cheat in the game.
  • The ability to get in game content or content that should be in the game for a fee instead of for free.
  • The ability to trade in a game IE having player to player trade or even an auction house.
  • The ability to trade game rewards for money (even if it is only in store credit) like they have in steam trading.

I have left many games because all they do is annoy me with those above points. I would like to see some form of Pay for Server time model but keep everything earned in game. Friends can help you take on challenges but rewards and stuff gained by each player should be confined to themselves.

One of the great joys I have in this game though is finding something that just looks perfect in a world and capturing it on Video or Pictures.

I hope Hello Games will not go down the way of game companies such as Blizzard/Activision and Electronic Arts.


I guess that d be the lesser evil However I’d rather not have that all if it was possible as I see that as an unfortunate trend in gaming. I guess I’m old school because I believe that in a game cool things should be earned through merit and hardwork.


My original thought with my post were cosmetics that wouldn’t make sense to have in game…bought for fun. Things such as a roman helmet, or a Hello Kitty decal could be fun and funny, but I could do just as easily without those as well.


Let’s all keep in mind, that it is very unlikely for NMS NEXT to include micro transactions. It would be terrible marketing to do so at this moment, with a huge update that is pretty much guaranteed to sell well. I am pretty sure they realise what the possible result of doing so will lead up to. Sure enough micro transactions can help financially to survive, but in all honesty, I don’t see Hello Games being the kind of company to be willing to risk this title to further negative response by adding this. This is rumour which originated from a store page that has a listing for it included, as part of likely a default template. There is no reason to believe this is actually going to be a thing. Multiple other titles without micro transactions have this listing for some stupid reason. Don’t count on it … but feel free to discuss the idea in general of course. The fact it shows/showed in some store, doesn’t make it true, keep that in mind!

Not going to share my thoughts on it in detail, besides saying I have a strong dislike for micro transactions. I personally just don’t feel this is the time to discuss it, as it is most likely based on a stupid mistake in listing. This update deserves better at the moment. My opinion though …


Where does this idea even come from? NMS is really not a good game for microtransactions. Oh sure, technically it would be great, since most of the content is procedurally generated, meaning you can sell shit without end without investing in it much. But from a visionary perspective, it would kind of destroy the entire purpose of a procedural engine.
Which is why I really don’t think they’re going to do that, and really wonder why people are even talking about it. NMS has so far been purely driven by the vision of its developers, from inception to launch to where we are today. And most of the great things, as well as most of the bad things about the game are pretty much a result of that. I really don’t see HG going off that path.

If at some point in the future they release modules for the game as reasonably priced DLC (like for example an economy module adding an in-depth economy, a combat module adding a bunch of missions, installation, models etc for more combat focused gameplay, or an engineering module allowing you to build stuff in space) I’d probably buy most of them, but microtransactions… No. Just… no!


Twittersphere is far to be information place :wink: I prefer what SM did in the past, this is fact:

“It seems that No Man’s Sky is in very capable hands and we can rest assured that there will be no paid DLC or Microtransactions coming to No Man’s Sky in the future.”


I cannot foresee them adding pay to win or even a pay to play setup, I think it would sour the experience tremendously. At most I would expect to see any micro-transactions as stated before, purely cosmetic, a huge part of NMS is the satisfaction of building your existence from nothing. The only game I ever subscribed to is WoW and that is more than likely the only subscription based game I will ever play as it truly felt justified IMO and delivered a staggering amount of content. Hello Games has a very big responsibility in that they are helping change the face of gaming and setting the bar high in the sense of dedicating themselves to their fans. We shall see what happens though.


This might just be a side effect of allowing for the preorder bonus items. I you are going to redeem a code, even if it is $0, they might have to add this qualifier to the game description.


If the in app purchases are Emotes and skins i’m fine with that, this hasn’t been confirmed yet


As long as they’re purely cosmetic, and offer zero advantage in game, I have no problem with micro transaction. Now, if HG decides to add loot boxes, we’re going to have a pronlem.


Microtransactions haven’t been announced so we’ll have to wait and see. But with that said cosmetic micro-transactions that aren’t lootboxes are fine imo…the continued development of the game isn’t free, they need to make money. So cosmetic microtransactions where you can just choose one or two skins that you like are fine. I would never in a million years buy the microtransactions of a large, greedy, bastard publisher like EA or Activision but in the case of Hello Games I’d probably buy a handful just for the sake of supporting them and giving them some money for all the amazing upadates they’ve given us so far.


I think it would be a very bad thing if Hello Games required us to execute our real-life pets.

Of course, there’s no real evidence they ever would do such a thing - but I think I’ll start a thread to protest about it.

Just in case.


This is also a big thing right here…we don’t know what’s Microsoft’s qualifying criteria for the “in-app purchases” since technically the preorder bonus IS DLC and you have to separately redeem it in-game after you redeem it from Xbox Live…doesn’t cost anything but yeah.


The last bullet point under multiplayer is about character customization; if there’s micro transactions, it’s probably limited to this.

And a link for convenience: