New xo suit for xbox pre-orders



Maybe atlas passes will work this way too

And wierd that youll stand out with a ‘x’ … cross platform would be awesome

It’s nice that Xbox gets a preorder bonus too but I have to say I am not feeling that thing at all. I see what they’re going for with the Xbox themed helmet but I would never wear that thing. I think it would have been better to give them a slightly better starting ship like we got on PS4 and PC.

And they really should have changed the starting credit boost to like a million I think…it would be useful, could get yourself a better weapon or a couple suit slots to start with, just some minor starting benefits but 10k is literally useless. It takes a couple minutes to make that much and can’t buy anything useful with it.

I’m glad they aren’t giving away exclusive tech upgrades that no one will be able to get later. It sucks we can’t get a third pulse jet upgrade because of Photonix Core.


I thought they changed it to where you could find that in the world now.

No, it was possible to find it back before Foundation, but they soon removed it so it can never be found in the world.

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10’000 Units? You can’t even buy candy with that in the NMS universe! :smile:

Photonix Core? what is that?


I usually have 40,000 units after leaving my starting planet if I scanned everything.

Photonix Core was a pre-order bonus. It was another pulse jet upgrade.

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Scanning stuff without the new tech is the most useless way of earning credits…don’t do that.

Lol, not scanning stuff at the start of the game to get your first units would be the worst mistake ever.


Lol. 10,000 units is like one small coin of little value. The helmet is a bit dorky but just like nearly all pre-orders, they are meant as an incentive to buy and as mementos that you were with the game since the beginning…

Wait… im missing the big picture here! I think this confirms interchangeable helmets!


Quick question…I’m really confused…where does this thread live? It’s not in general discussion or any other section…does it just live in the void where only people searching for it will find it?

true 10,000 is not much but we don’t know if the whole currency will change in Next MP


Good point. Getting a freighter that costs 900,000,000 is very expensive and nearly unobtainable for the majority of players on normal mode(or atleast it will take a very very long time) without using the method of getting millions by using other player’s farms and your own farm. Maybe they will balance that better. Bring down the cost of ships and frieghters, make the grind for credits more entertaining/exciting/actually dangerous?

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Once you get all the product recipes and set up atmosphere harvesters, making a billion units is very fast. See my playlist “NMS How to Make Billions”

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I don’t think it will change in any significant way…I think they’re giving 10k because that’s what they gave PS4 and PC players…but the economy of NMS was about nonexistent back then…you couldn’t realistically buy top tier ships or really much of anything…the economy came much later.

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@DarkbyDesign Are you ok if I move this thread in general discussion so it can be seen more?

Of course nice

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true, that will probably continue in the Sp version of the game, Sean said Next and MP is a totally new experience, don’t forget it will be out of the Simulation, it won’t be anything like we are playing now, with the same conversations we were having with the NPC’s and Nada and Polo

This is what i’ve been waiting for, for 2 years the game out of the Simulation