Matrix 4, thoughts?

What do you guys think about the new Matrix that’s coming out?


Well I have been under a NMS rock. No idea a new Matrix was in the works. Do share.


I believe Grandpa Neo & Aunty Trinity have to fight computer programs & save mankind from accidentally falling into a repetive cycle of doing the same thing over and over :grin:


I was only talking to a friend not too long ago that I actually wouldn’t mind a matrix reboot, do the story justice in two movies because the latter two kinda crawled up their own butt’s.

Has anyone ever seen The Matrix Dezionised? It was a fan cut of the last two films that’s kind of hard to come by these days but it was a much more enjoyable watch. Not that the idea of zion was bad but the scenes there just felt badly executed and poorly realised. The Animatrix did a better job in a lot of ways with the world outside of the matrix than the movies did.

I hadn’t heard anything about a new matrix sequel but the Wachowskis seem to be back on form these days, probably because they can both finally be who they’ve always felt like in a sense I guess, must really take an enormous weight off of somebodies soul :slight_smile:

Mid twenties me might have felt somewhat cynical about something sacred from my youth being revived at the risk of it ruining everything but these days I’m more mellow towards stuff like that, once money isn’t the only and major deciding factor. Are the Wachowskis helming this? I imagine so if its a sequel. I realise I can ask Google but humans are a more rewarding experience.

Keanu got a bad rap after matrix and became the butt of a lot of memes but these days he’s god damn John Wick and the Internet loves him again so the timing seems perfect for a sequel really :slight_smile:


Humans in zion are still in the sim they never got out.

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Given the recent track record and unimaginative state of Hollywood, I am completely unenthused for another remake or reboot.

The only one that I am looking forward to is the new Dune next year. In that, they are doing what the original David Lynch movie (with Sting) should have done: made it 2 movies with the (no spoliers) obvious dividing point in the story. I also think they are following the source material better like the Sci-Fi Channel mini-series.


Just make Jodorowskis Dune already. The Bible for it exists, all the hard work is done. Just gotta resurrect moebius and giger first for their input <3

Lynch did his best with the prep work laid down by them but sadly was at the whim of execs who already spent a lot of money on jodo and Co and he didn’t have the same creative control hes had since blue velvet etc back then.

I wouldn’t mind giving lynch another stab at it but I think we all know what his answer would be :joy:


Well, it’s keanu reeves, so there’s an automatic plus. On the other hand, that would make two fake deaths for Neo, and I guess the writing is only going to go downhill from there…


Trinity was the key. Neo needs a trio of deaths before he truly frees the humans. Turns out the matrix runs on dark souls rules. Dying is part of the learning experience :joy:


This was what I always thought. Wouldnt the machines make redundant Matrixes, Walls with in walls. If I remember right, Neo is blind at the End, but he still sees. So did he evolve or see code.


Been waiting 16 years for this. I always felt they would continue. The Matrix changed the movie industry, including cinematography and the limits of special effects. Now is a fantastic time to continue the story, imagine if they had our current tech when first making these movies! Enormous Keanu fan, very excited to see how this plays out.


SPOLIERS: Well programs go through iterations, Neo is really a code/human hybrid as I understand it. So in theory each death breeds a new iteration, improved/adapts upon the last. We saw this in the first Matrix and late ron with Agent Smith, and some could say with Trinity as she was different after her dance with death in Reloaded . In the end Neo is absorbed into the Matrix with his physical self being taken by the God Machine, and there are theories his body is incorruptible leading to the idea it could be harnessed again. As for his mind as stated above, I believe it has been absorbed into the Matrix.