Infinity Update

So, based on the episode of Black Mirror that Sean Murray tweeted that references Infinity and the pictures found on WT showing the image of the Atlas in front of mirrors, causing the illusion of infinity I would think it’s safe to think the update will be called… the Infinity Update?


…or we will just be waiting for infinity…or they found a way for rhe game to update itself for infinity…:rofl:


I’m just glad we have confirmation from Brooker himself that he was inspired by NMS. I thought it was just a subtle nod at first, but then they landed on THAT planet : ) I thought if not a direct reference, then it’s just a coincidence with the 70s sci fi homage aesthetic. Good to know which it was (though prob a bit of column a & b)


I guess the game has already the infinity status as none of us can visit all the planets and galaxies in one lifetime…


Right??? Wasn’t that awesome :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! The only downside to all of this was, no 2017 wipe cos he was too busy :frowning: On the plus we get a short series of Philomena Cunk on the History of Britain. I hope she covers Cromwell XD Apologies if this is all nonsense to you. But I suggest doing a quick youtube on “Philomena Cunk”

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hmm… check her out on YouTube. Interesting.