Mars 2020, a busy year!

As I was searching for news of NMS Beyond (无人深空 Beyond) in China, I came across the following article: (you may wish to translate)

The article talks about China’s plans for their 2020 Mars mission. VR seems to be a useful preparation tool and apparently they will be playing a lot of No Man’s Sky Beyond, to make their Mars mission a success. :rofl:

2020 is sure going to be an interesting year when it comes to Mars missions. Not only China (CNSA) is in preparation for Mars, but the United Arab Emirates (MBRSC), Europe (ESA) with Russia (SRI RAS/Roscosmos), and the United States (NASA/JPL) are are all shooting for Mars in 2020. They all aim for launches around July, to arrive somewhere in 2021 with orbiters and/or rovers to explore and do research. It will be busy next year and I am looking forward to see what comes of it :wink:

Some resources:

China (CNSA)


Hope Mars 2020 Mission

Europe / Russia (ESA / SRI RAS - Roscosmos)

ExoMars 2020 Mission


Mars 2020


Aah so thats why the improved multiplayer is being added, to allow the space agencies to sim overcrowded mars space…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In the end, it is Earth that will invade Mars, not vice versa.


Tis why now we have a Military Space Force being trained.