Let's talk about NEXT


I think it will be a combo meal. Separate MP mode, but also the ability to check a box like base sharing so friends can join or be invited to your instance


As long as they completely and totally separate PvP and PvE all is good…lock all the griefers to the Teabag game mode. If I was a developer I’d make some truly evil crap with NPC enemies in a PvP mode…like make them nearly invincible to where they’d mop the floor with fools who want to go there with saves locked to a server so they couldn’t cheat and so on…I’d just make the game grief them non-stop and just laugh at all their complaints online…I’d read their replies and say stuff like “we are listening to our players and are working to fix the issue” only to turn it up another level and like program the NPC AI to teabag dead players in PvP or some such.


Hey the last time we made a colony prison, that turned out pretty good in the end actually (Hi Australia!) I have hope for the criminals of pvp and their new digital prison world, rehabilitation is the way forward! :joy:


If they didn’t separate the two I was thinking if the colonies/bases would have a new defense system for when the players aren’t there. If they can loot things, would the storage vaults be safe? Kinda worried me from the aspect of having to work pretty had for certain things that took hours to get. I would think separated modes would be cool while maybe a separate star system designation might apply as well (or instead)? Like how the systems say “peaceful” or something for the conflict level. Plus, maybe a zoning ability would make it so you can work for a certain area to be zoned outside of pvp?


Can’t find it again, but SEAN MURRAY, in an XBOX-related Interview, was talking about MULTIPLAYER and PvP…

Seems like there’s a high probability we’re gonna have trouble with Griefers, in NEXT.

(Can someone find that interview? Wasn’t short… 10? 20mins??)


Good luck to any griefers that find me, gonna be a helluva trick
Edit: I’m 14 galaxies out from Euclid lol


This one?


Yep, he did say that. Im not too worried if pvp is in normal mode. Everyone I’ve seen looking to grief people have really underpowered accounts. Its gonna be fun crushing them :slight_smile:


Keep your storage vaults on your freighter and other valuables in your haulers. If its lootable I’ll be parking my freighter in some destitute system. It’ll be pure bad luck for it to get raided


Your vaults are also safe when deconstructed - the contents remain.


Exactly, there’s a couple of ideas before we have a clue how things are going to work in Next.
Once the update hits it’s going to take about 10 minutes to work out strategies to deal with things that may occur.


@Argent-Star hey argent, we had a lengthy discussion about that interview and especially what form Pvp might take in the game, I don’t think base griefing will be a thing for us to worry about, Sean is still keen on this being a chill lonely space experience at the forefront as he prefers that experience himself and I don’t think he’d introduce pvp if it robbed other players of the experience they’ve come to love from NMS.

Here’s the thread if you wish to browse it but feel free to carry the conversation on here as it’s less buried and dead than the one I’m linking to


It seems to me that the simplest way to segregate the players who want to battle each other is to dedicate a single galaxy for it. Anything more than that is too vast to be very satisfying for the PvPers looking for random encounters. The galaxy could have the hardware necessary to support a few dozen players shooting at each other in the same system. Specific targets, strongholds and quests could be planted in various systems to encourage teams to form against teams.

If you got there by means of a portal, you could initially arrive on a fringe planet, then build up your first ship from a crashed ship, improving and upgrading it as you would any other ship. As you approached the galactic core, your chance of random encounters would increase. When you finished, you could hide your ship on a remote planet and portal back to the peaceful galaxies. In the event that your ship is toast, and combat is too heavy to salvage anything, you would always have the choice of abandoning it and building another from scratch.

I admit. It’s wild speculation. But it does provide a solution that caters to different play styles and even different moods a player may be in. While it would require a hardware upgrade, it wouldn’t require a total hardware overhaul, and it would not require a rollback of the entire game.

I’m just thinking out loud…or in text rather.