Lets start a petition for ship customization

I can’t be the only one who wants this, right? Maybe if enough people expressed their want for this it would happen.


Let’s not. Plenty of beautiful ships of all kinds to go around without people copying others’ ships.

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For someone with Darth in their user name, I would think the prospect of having a black ship would please you.

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I would like to have ship and multitool customization, but its there are other things that I would want prioritized for the programmers.

I would more enjoy having: space landmarks (like gas giants, heavy nebula, derelict stations, space whale spawning grounds, ect.), gargantuan flora and fauna, multitool weapon racks, more varieties of flora fauna and minerals, simulation within simulation scenarios and customizable mutliplayer avatars.

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sure it would be great …


until we hear something from Hello Games about anything


we can express out ideas, but until then …

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Also, the way Hello Games handeled the previous updates etc was cool.

Now … it is borish!

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I disagree they should add it in 1.4 or a future update.

I agree with all this but they can add ship and multitool customization as well!

A lot of people want ship customization!