Large Parts Of My Game Are Not Incrementing

The text below is as submitted to Zendesk. Posted here for information.

Various story elements and rewards appear to be stuck at the start, and are not incrementing.

The portal glyphs at traveller’s graves will give the first glyph, but won’t progress beyond that. No matter how many graves I visit, the traveller geves the same dialogue, and I get the first glyph. Since I already have it, it doesn’t show up in my inventory.

Abandoned buildings will not progress beyond the “It looked like a wound on the world” dialogue. Every abandoned building I visit is stuck at the start.

All transmitter towers I visit give the puzzle “1 - 2 - 6 - 24 - 120” (answer 720). They’re stuck at the first puzzle.

All crashed ship sites now show the opening graphics, with the Atlas orb in the distress beacon. They’re stuck at the start.

It seems there’s some counter, or set of counters, that’s supposed to increment these story elements to the the next stage - and it’s not working. Large parts of the game are stuck at the start.

I’ve included a picture of what I see at crashed ship sites - this is after 30 hours in NEXT.


Thanks for posting this in detail, as I had started to wonder about this lately. I keep finding more and more examples of what you mentioned. They are all indeed stuck at the first step, to never progress any further. Not even a restart fixes this, major flaw I would say …


You know, I wonder if it could be related to Networking issues. I have yet to see discovery services come online. Not been able to actually upload anything. Even my first temporary base still shows as a teleport option, even though this base has been completely removed. What if failing to ‘call home’ results in repeated behaviour because it fails to properly update?


Me and a friend have the same issues with glyphs, logs (abandonned building, crashed freighter), “720” answer.
I hope tey’ll fix asap because i think (well, i wish ^^ ) there’re new things in the story line.


I am encountering the same issues.

I have one other problem. My boltcaster will not reload. I have plenty of ammunition, the reload graphic starts then just disappears.


I just noticed this issue last night with the abandoned building text and transmission tower puzzle. I also saw this with the glyphs, but I thought it was HGs way of taking away an exploit since I found the 2 graves on the same planet.

Thank you for submitting the bug report.


I am able to connect to discovery services a few times but I still have the same issue as @Polyphemus. It doesn’t seem like the game needs to call home in order for the stories to progress though.

Forgot to add in, I also have the same issue with my old base stuck in my teleport list as well.

If on PC, just make a quick press on R key. If just a bit too long you have the start of animation only

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Folks, if you are also experiencing these bugs, it would be helpful if you could also report them to Zendesk, in as much detail as you can manage. From your replies, it seems these problems are common. We don’t want HG thinking it’s just one isolated player experiencing them.

The same is true of any other bugs you experience - they need to be reported to Zendesk. Whilst it’s informative for us to discuss them, they won’t get fixed by reporting them here.

Link to Zendesk is:


Already done yesterday. On the Steam experimental topic many people reported about glyphs and such things. I know they read it too, last year a dev asked for my save there.

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On PC, today’s patch has fixed the crashed ship sites. I haven’t tested the other stuff yet, but I’m hopeful.

HG are doing an amazing job with the bug fixes.


Math situation still in effect or at least I got the same one at the only Transmission Tower I went to.

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That’s why I’ve been quite silent around here lately. My etarc time is now my zen desk bug reporting time :joy:

Finding so many little ones on multiplayer, like every ones bases having one person’s name, or a base someone deleted showing up like a ghost every few days and then disappearing.

Had one friend save and log out near a manufacturing facility and when they loaded in they were inside the facility, with the door intact and no way to shoot themselves out XD

Luckily the cavalry were close by to bust him out.

In a way I’m kind of liking the new experiemces the bugs are presenting.

Got to help a trapped traveller, a friend of mine makes frigate fuel I cannot and gifts it to me, in exchange that my new save character will visit his base and place down some stairs and windows and make the place less cuboid.

Some people see bugs… I see professions and a bartering system :joy:

“Look Todd, if you want the rest of that frigate fuel then get over here and finish my bloody foyer.”


To confirm - as of 02/08/2018 - the portal glyphs and abandoned buildings are still stuck in their starting state, and unable to progress.

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V odd that this has emerged while it’s never been any kind of problem before…

Typically, this sort of thing is handled (recorded) by a "progress flag" of some kind, so the main game program knows that “the first one has been done; present the next from the array, or a random selection not including the ‘starter option’ element”.

If there seems to be no progress, it would seem to me that something in the code which used to address the progress flag either no longer does so, OR the location of the flag has been moved (memory address) . . .

Ahh, this reminds me the other day I went for a ‘Crashed ship’ and found NO ship but did find a pod with the Atlas-sphere inside which went through the same ‘compliancy’ routine as at the start… Yet to see if this keeps repeating though…


Overall I’ve seen an equal number of actual crashed ships vs. empty sites with the Atlas pod. Early on I was seeing a mix. Before visiting my first Atlas station, the Atlas path questline just vanished from my log. One of those empty crash sites brought it back, so that worked in my favor. I haven’t seen an empty site since, although I haven’t been looking for crashed ships either (the new slot repair system felt prohibitively laborious).

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All in all we’re in a loop :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I’m playing on a PS4. I will give this a try anyway.

Well noted. I have been reporting then to ZenDesk.

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