3xp 24/02 bugs

Not sure exactly when all of this started but this is when I discovered them.
First, while upgrading my new ship, I found the materials required were not what I actually had to have…

Second, while working on my ship upgrades, I was standing in a storage room on my freighter. When I closed the upgrade window, I found myself stuck between the wall and these containers.


I’ve had a couple of incidents of getting stuck lately. One in the freighter where I fell through a floor and landed on a planter. I couldn’t go up or down (head stuck in the ceiling) and the frame of the planter kept me caged in a 1x1 square area. For the other incident I was in(on) an abandoned building and fell through to be stuck within a wall.

Luckily I had returned to VR and so could switch movement from smooth to teleport. You can pull yourself out of (or sometimes into) situations like this. If there was a better photo mode in VR I would stay there.


Although I’ve taken a sizable gaming break lately, I do clearly recall the problem you described.
The suggested materials required in the UI changed once in the actual ‘build it’ screen.
I believe it was only one or two upgrades that had this problem but it was annoying. I think the other one was a Nautilon upgrade.

I also had a similar & impossible to complete incident when repairing a claimed starship wreck. Fortunately a restart of the game corrected that issue.


When visiting a monolith or plaque, the music that plays while interacting with the lore, abruptly stops and then starts over.

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