Joint exploration: functionality investigation needed!


Good day, collegues.

Joint exploration feature is announced, confirmed and is in working order. However, nowhere did i see important specifics of how this feature operates. Specifics which will much define certain decisions for many of us. I am currently unable to investigate the matter personally, and thus i ask for your help to find answers to the following:

  1. can people from PS4 and PC go together?

  2. can people from different difficulty modes go together? In particular, can people who go Permadeath mode see people from other difficulty modes? Are people from Creative allowed to join everybody else, too? The latter may do bad things to balance / economy if allowed, thus i doubt, but i’d like to know for sure;

  3. is there any further word (after patch notes 1.3) about Joint Exploration feature functioning for users? There are thousands people who play using client purchased via, and if all those people do not have Joint Exploration, then it’s not only their own problem, - it also affects everyone, because everyone will be unable to see all those thousands people;

  4. does voice chat actually work?

Thank you very much, in advance, for any valuable data on the subject.


1 & 3.) . The game itself isn’t cross-platform, so I’d imagine that the players you’re seeing are all platform based. PC with PC, PS4 with PS4. GOG and Steam would all fall under PC, I’d imagine.

2.) People are all visiting the same stars now across modes. A planet you see at a particular location in Creative is the same planet you’d see in Normal/Permadeath/etc. So if you see the little orbs that represent other players, they could be playing any of those. I ran into notes about these elsewhere, although I can’t remember where.

Unfortunately because I haven’t run into other players, I have no idea if voice chat works. I hope this has been a little helpful.


It has been, yes. A little, yes.

There are couple more things into #1, though.

1st, i am one of special residents in War Thunder for years, that’s how i know that PS4 and PC users are going together full-scale and no problem there. This has been the case since 2014, and to this day. Sony’s policy on cross-platform multiplayer does not prohibit it (anymore) since then, in general.

2nd, as for the No Man’s Sky itself not being cross-platform, - it was not cross-platform before 1.3, yes, but are we sure it remained that way in 1.3? Knowing cross-platform real-time multiplayer with lots of data streaming through is very possible (see above), i in fact expect No Man’s Sky to become cross-platform at some point. A major update which adds real-time multiplayer functions to the process is logically a good time to see it happen. Thus verification is in order.


No idea what War Thunder was, I had to look it up. That being said, it’s on the developer to make the game cross-platform. I understand that Sony has let up on that, but it doesn’t mean that NMS is. So far as I’m able to tell, there hasn’t been any recent evidence supporting that this particular game is cross-platform at this point in time. The best way for anyone to be sure is to work with someone that plays on a different system than you and try to meet up.


Can we really interact between game modes now? I’ve been dreading the idea that all my work in survival would be wasted when I get to the new hub and can’t interact with anyone.


The best way for anyone to be sure is to work with someone that plays on a different system than you and try to meet up.

This is exactly so. I am using PC, and all my friends are using PC as well. So, unfortunately, there is no PS4 user whom i could ask for help personally.