Is there any way to NOT jump when charging equipment?

Its soooooo annoying that I can’t charge an item without jumping multiple time.

I jump when I press down in the D-Pad.
I jump when I choose which item to recharge.
Then I jump again when actually charge the item.

Why IS this happening when the D-pad isn’t even the jump button?

Good ole HG.

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Doesn’t happen to me

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All good here

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Doesn’t jump when using the D-pad, but does jump whenever I press the X button to select anything from the quick menu: recharge hazard protection, summon exocraft, etc.


check in side of what you are using to play the game and make sure EMILY is not in there!


That is odd. Try a different controller if possible just to see if it’s present there, rule out the hardware from the equation first and then proceed to cry if it is still present.

Definitely send in a zen desk report if it continues after troubleshooting hardware, as this is an issue I haven’t seen anyone report.

I know similar issues exist like pressing x or how changing stack size also changes the menu tab now when I’m in PSVR, but never one where its an unrelated button like the d-pad.

There was some mention of buttons doing things with your player character when pressing them in menus being fixed in an experimental patch so maybe when this hits console it will also address the issue you’re having.

We are long overdue for a patch but it seems like HG wanna have a bunch of those small qol fixes together before they submit a console patch for certification. Think they also want to keep the version numbers down for when they introduce new features with 2.1 (weekly community events season 2 with quicksilver I hope :D) hence why 2.09 has gone into 2.09a and so on. Speculation based on past updates of course.


If I delete base parts, my character pulls out the multi-tool with each delete. It’s as if I am reaching for my plasma grenades. :sparkler:

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That what I meant.

Its something simple that should have been caught.

Its exsisted since day #1.