PS5 Controller

So this question is not about haptic feedback. I have that turned off
This is about the trigger pressure setting (I forget what it is called in the menu) It affects the R2 which is used for both the MT and for lift off in a ship. I don’t like it. It forces me to squeeze the trigger harder. The slider in the settings will allow me to vary the intensity but when I set it to 0, the trigger stops working all together. I can’t lift off in my ship. Is this a bug?


I’m unable to check/test this at the moment but I’m pretty sure you can turn off/turn down the trigger buttons to the point of not noticeable in the in-game options.
Maybe it requires a restart afterward.
PS5s are a bit odd sometimes.
I’ve had to turn ours off completely, leave it turned off (even at the wall) & walk away for a few minutes after a loading problem. Just restarting it didnt allow it to do its thing.
When I’m able I’ll have a look…


Ok. Thanks. I will try restarting after setting to zero.

I tested this.

In options;
In Controls;
Senstivity Settings;

Trigger Effect Strength.
Set to 30% ( or whatever) it vibrates & has resistance.
Set to 0% it has no sensation but DOES require you to pull the R2 button all the way & hold for about 1 second to enable launch.

Hope this makes sense…
I messed about for a bit with this & couldn’t make it misbehave.