Introduction Thread

I’m no lot lizard, but when you sandbag while boogieing down the boulevard to Wally world, you pick up a few things.
:rofl: you guys crack me up. Thanks!


Hey gang!!!

So I have been playing other games for…a while? A long while? Hard to say because I have been, as usual, totally compulsive about it…anyway…

A friend just clued me in that I have missed a pretty large expansion/improvement so I am BACK in the multiverse of mayhem.

So far in my new play I have seen…frigate flyovers? That seems cool. Just optics I am guessing, though maybe if my ship is really close I might fly after them at some point just to…well…hmmm…I dunno… Suddenly this seems like a dog chasing cars kind of idea, like, yeah, no idea what to do if I catch them…but…

I also notice my ship has cargo slots, which seems new and different.

I also seem to be dealing with tougher opposition in ship to ship combat, but that may just be because I am one) out of practice, and two) following through on using the default dlight controls instead of switching to the very much easier to use flight controls and then bitching about how the combat is too easy.

Anyway, good to be back in the game, and also great to be here because I remember this forum very fondly.


No, combat has definitely gotten more challenging. Which in itself isn’t saying much, I mean, even comparing it to a walk in the park before was stretching it quite impressively. It calls for a bit more thought and a bit more upgrading now. Carry some shield batteries with you (I forget what they’re called properly), or put in a good phase beam, that can also recharge shields quite well.

The rocket launcher is also to be recommended, as it has an absolutely devastating effect on an unshielded hull (most of the time one-shotting an opponent with depleted shields), and the rockets seem to have some guidance now, so it’s really not that hard to hit with them.

I have found a good phase beam in combination with a rocket launcher to be perfectly sufficient to deal with almost anything the universe throws at me, the only exception really being the sentinels, who recharge shields too fast to get a rocket in most of the time, which is why I found a weapon that does less damage to shields, but can do double damage when hitting from behind to be more effective against them.
But do carry some shield batteries if you don’t have a phase beam. I’d consider that non-optional.


We also just had an Expediton.

There is still time to work it. 9 days left so you may want to start right away. It intros Pirate Stations and sends you to Galaxy 90.
Be thankful you missed HG balancing pirate attacks. At first, we were under constant attack. :scream: :rofl: Now, there are no pirates in calm, peaceful or similar type systems.