Info about personnal re-fit


Just some info… re-fit
Just had a call from main Health Base…I have to go for another re-fit…can’t belive it. The part they use last time had a major fault, no ones fault just a system failure. Only just got over the first but now I need to wait for call for when they get the new part.
So fellow travellers I might be on and off the exploration for a while. Good job I can still watch for messages.


Good luck and safe journey traveler :heart:


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Best wishes, hoping all goes well!


That must be incredibly hard for you. I’d like to say I sympathise, but honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine how you must feel.

I hope it goes well. We will be here for you when you get back.


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Thank you for the wishes… they built 'em tough in the early 50’s… no warp drives then , it was just burn rockets, glide then burn again… took ages to get anywhere.
Looking forward to seeing new places meeting strange creatures and hoping my aim improves…can’t scan those teeny tiny flying bugs at all.


Waiting is the hardest thing ever. Hope they get it right for you this time. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


Best of luck and wishes to you!


Thanks folks best thing is that I know what to do this time.


Best wishes @Linshell


Sending all the good vibes of the cosmos, both real and simulated, your way :heart:


Wow so many wishes… really helps you know these splicing and knotting mechanics are still done by hand would you believe it! We have all been promised the beam of light thing so talked about by Space thinkers for years… think that a Doc Mcoy some ways back said he had such a gadget… not sure if it was him or some other Doc -Who that was can’t recall but just now perhaps it is still nice to know some things still need the personal touch…OK all, ta agaim


Good luck and may the Atlas grant you safety @Linshell :+1:t2: