In Between Stages

What does everyone do when they take time away from Waking Titan? You know that thing that makes money.

I work in Aviation. Most of the time when I’m investigating I am also at the airport watching (and listening to) planes take off and land.


Currently, I’ve free time off from classes so I just study xD
I catch up on game LPs and play a little Paladins every now and then as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Well atm I am still studying at Uni. Love filling in my spare time playing piano, video games, and helping work on the Battlefield 1 Easter Eggs as they come up.

I teach Environmental and Technology classes. I also walk and like to travel.

I study at uni and do some web development in my spare time.

I work in visual effects editing things and take pretty pictures

Im currently making a webcomic (Its kinda like a comic book online if you couldn’t tell by the name) in my free time

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I am creative in general and more specifically into coding, (web)design, 3D modeling and making music. I love the internet and gaming and I am a volunteer Steam forum officer, wiki admin, community moderator, and more for a game development studio. Too many interests, too little time …

Apparently I should be revising for my exams right now, I think I’m doing an OK job. Otherwise I’m playing a game, listening to music or fixing my oft-breaking Discord bots.

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I’m a middle school teacher, currently working summer school. I’m not actually all that social, but I am fascinated by human interaction and discovering what changes our behavior. I guess you could say I’m more of a people watcher (observer) than I am a people person.


@MacForADay I teach high school and college level. Do you use gamification, ARGs or anything similar in your classroom? I’ve been using a number of games, args and game mechanics in my classes the last few years and have found they take a lot of work, but have a pretty good payoff.

I and several other teachers use games as a reward and such, but not so much intergrated into the curriculum. We did try doing the locked room games for awhile, where students have to search the classroom and find clues to open a box with a key in it or whatever.

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That is so cool - next year in my New Media Literacy / Online Tech class the students will be making an ARG or Escape the Room - I know the Escape The Room type of event has really taken off the last few years (I am looking into this - I have been slow in bringing these experiences into the classroom. I have two major units (one an ARG where they are investigators trying to help a town solve its polluted water problems and another more an RPG where they build a town focused on how to power the town and survive natural hazards) I use right now and will working on a third one for the food unit for next year. I had them try out this year and they liked it and I want to look into using the NASA Dust one -

I am always looking for ideas and things others have tried :slight_smile:

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@MacForADay can you spare a few lessons to get them to solve this, we need more workers :laughing: